Child labour is a very sensitive topic in the present world. It is a hot topic of discussion in developing countries. The United Nations have banned child labour saying that it violates the child’s fundamental rights. But is it totally reasonable to ban child labour? Is labour really harmful for the society or is it just that some sentiments get hurt, so ban it.

Let’s not get to a debate, because this is one of the most debatable topics in today’s contemporary world. Once an argument begins over such a topic, it can turn out to be a never ending story. Now every story has two sides. Similarly child labour also has its benefits, despite of the fact that it is banned.

In our society, most of the people consider child labour to be a curse. When asked of a reason they’d say that it violates a child’s fundamental rights. A child is deprived of his education and childhood when he is set in the path of child labour. Yes that’s definitely true. A child should never be deprived of his fundamental education, his childhood happiness. But is it possible to follow in developing or under-developed countries? The answer is no. The fact is debatable, but still it’s no.

Now let’s get to the fact as to why it is not possible to follow in under-developed countries

  1. Extra pair of earning hands

In developing countries a great chunk of society has over-populated families. In such a family it is not possible for a single earning head to come up with everyone’s needs. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to match up with the hunger issues even after leaving the other necessities apart. During such a time an extra pair of earning hands can really become handy. In such cases child labour can be considered fruitful for some families. It might violate the child’s fundamental rights, but at the same time it’ll help a family to survive.

  1. Earn their own educational expenses

When children are sent for child labour, their fundamental rights get violated. One of these fundamental rights means the right to education. But in a country where a large population falls under the below poverty level, where getting a meager meal turns out to be an issue, how can one expect the children to get educated on an empty stomach. I don’t think it should be a very big issue if a child can earn his/her educational expenses through child labour.

  1. Gaining experience

Well, when a child is made to work from childhood, we can expect by the time the child attains a proper age he’ll have gained quite some experience. When a child is groomed right from his childhood on a certain field, you can expect he’d have gained quite an expertise in that field after some time.

  1. Supporting the family

Sometimes it is seen that in some families, it is difficult for a single or two members to carry out a business or a job at hand. In such cases the minor of the family can come forward as a helping hand. They can not only help with getting the job done, but can also provide a moral support.

  1. Availability of cheap labour

Well, this is definitely a crime, but child labour can definitely be a solution to the increasing labour expenses. Of course paying less is exploitation, but sometimes it can be ignored. Especially if the current scenario of developing countries is taken into consideration, where there is both the lack of earning hands in a family as well as a lack of availability of cheap labour.

  1. Meeting up with the labour shortage

A major problem in the developing countries is the availability of adequate labour. In such a case, the minors of the country can help with this major problem of a country. If the children of the society start taking up projects and work, the problem of shortage of labour can be fulfilled.

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Good or bad, Curse or boon, Legal or illegal Leave all that and put that aside. Think about it. We never tried to stop children from working in movies, t.v. commercials and anything but we want to stop the possible growth of those poor children on the name of child labour. They too have a right to dream . to make things happen for them and they would do it their way. So , it should rather be their choice or mine and yours ? If they want to work they should.

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