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customer engagement

Learn the basics of Customer Engagement

Stated in very simple terms, customer engagement is the perspicacity of the bond a customer has with the organization. Many businesses have started focusing more and more on this peace, as an engagement directly impacts the customer loyalty for the brand. The realization is creeping in quickly and the people leaders are building engagement with customers, ensuring this learned one-click generation keeps them on top of the mind. One-clicks have loads of options available and they note every interaction, and, therefore, every such interaction is a moment of truth.

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How do you know your customers are engaged? There are traits which can be noticed and are listed below in very simple terms:-
1. They purchase or use your services
2. They recommend you
3. They engage in a dialogue with the brand
4. They are loyal if they do all the above
Then there are a group of actively disengaged and disengaged customers. The good news is that both these groups can be engaged. Actively disengaged customers can be won back, and are worth investing in. They’re currently beating the brand up with a loudspeaker online, but that loudspeaker could be used to evangelize for the brand. Go make it right with them.
Solutions are very simple, just list down top ten needs of the customers. What would they be?
1. The immediate/timely resolution, when in a problem.
2. Speed they can reach you and your accessibility. All of us are looking for 24X7 customer service in this one-click world.
3. The time that is taken by you to reach them.
4. Helpfulness, genuine interest, and intent are the key.
5. Grooming, Etiquettes, Empathizing, etc
6. Total rectification of the problem.
7. Further assistance or the offer/ability to assist.
8. Suggestions provided.
9. Feedback, and implementing the same. Two-way communication and close looping are very important in customer engagement.
10. Simple yet informative information provided across channels.

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Entrepreneurial leaders reading this peace would realize that even while designing a customer engagement survey, you should measure these top ten. It would give you fair inputs.
The best way to build it is with customer-centricity. That means every aspect of you is geared toward what customers want. It means every experience, every detail, every e-mail is extremely positive. Every interaction should nod the customer’s decision to make a brand part of their life.
Some great examples of the brands which are engaging people through various means, come to my mind are following:-

1. Usage of Social Media as a tool by Lenovo
2. ANZ simplifies customer experience, based on their repeated behavior
3. Google using various mediums including the engine itself, to simplify the search

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I strongly believe that with the rise of technology and social media, customers have become more powerful and we all have choices. In order to survive with the one-clicks, brands need to work on real-time and personalized solutions. You should be able to reach them, just the way they want you to reach them.
Customer loyalty is built every day through many ways. An e-mail, a social media trigger, an SMS, etc, every interaction is becoming more and more important. Promoting appropriate and consistent communication during the course of the experience, companies have a prospect to involve with their audiences like not ever before.

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Dr Deepak Malhotra

Dr Deepak Malhotra

Dr Deepak Malhotra is a doctorate in management studies with specialization in human resources; MBA in human resources; and holds a post-graduation diploma in personal management and industrial relations. Deepak has more than 21 years of cross-industry professional exposure in the best of the brands. He has worked in all distinctive areas of human resource management. He is currently associated in a group company of SREI, as Vice President-Human Resources. It is his vision to have an impact on the overall entrepreneurial leadership. He believes in the current economic scenario, we need to impact the bottom line through productivity. To his credit he hosts a tweet chat, which is treading national #1, called #KeepThemEngaged. He has also launched a forum for current and future leaders, called #KeepThemEngaged, which is creating a lot of buzz, with a mass international and Indian leadership and one-click audience. Rated in top 25 hr influencers and in the list of 101 inspiring gentlemen on twitte