Different Types of Art Forms You Should Definitely Try

Different types of art forms

Art is a way of expression, to reflect your thoughts and feelings into a tangible object. Something you could put your soul in.

There are many art forms coming up everyday and the world is getting with this amalgamation of art form. Art is a way of expression, to reflect your thoughts and feelings into a tangible object. Something you could put your soul in. Here we have some different types of art forms you should not miss out trying. Give them a try and you would love the day for the rest of your life

  1. Photography

Many people think that is photography really an art form? Well, let us make you sure that photography is definitely and art form. Though it do not require any creative hand work but it definitely require a creative mind work. Capturing the right move at the right moment is also an art which is known as photography.

Different types of art forms - Photography

  1. Sculpture

The sculpture art form involves making the 3-dimensional pieces. In former times, sculptures were made of clay but in modern times materials like metal, wood, stone, ceramics are also used to make the best sculptures out of them. Sculptures were made for religious and devotional purpose in ancient times but now various other sculptures have been made which are treat to watch.

Different types of art forms-sculpture

  1. Crafts

The art form of craft can be stated as making creative things using whatever you are provided with. In ancient times, materials like vessels, glass, clay and wood were used to make creative arts from it. Now-a-days waste materials like used bottle caps, paper clips, straws and many other things are used to make best craft materials.

Different types of art forms - crafts

  1. Sand Animation Art

Sand animation art can also be termed as sand art. This technique was invented by Caroline Leaf in 1968 in which the artist creates a number of images by first applying the sand on the surface and then drawing the images using fingers. It is not so difficult art and is really fun to learn. The only thing you require is creativity. The more creative you are, the more beautiful your art will be.

Different types of art forms sand animation art

  1. Gourd Art

Gourd art particularly requires a gourd as a medium for painting. A beautiful gourd is formed by painting the hard gourd surface. The gourd can be carved, dyed, sanded or polished to make it beautiful with vibrant colors. Gourd art is the traditional art form of Africa and Asia.

Different types of art forms- ground art

  1. Rock Sculptures

Rock sculpture is the art of forming 3-dimensional visually interesting objects from rocks. The natural stones are shaped according to the requirement of the sculpture. A stone is first roughly carved and then used for shaping them for the sculptures. Countries like Egypt, Europe, India and Greece have good amount of stones for carving.

Different types of art forms- rock sculpture

  1. Rock Painting

Rock is the earliest painting material since ancient times. The first country to find the rock painting was China. Rock painting also requires the art of good painting. One cannot simply paint on the rock if he doesn’t know how to paint. You can make creative items using rocks of different shapes and sizes.

Different types of art forms- rock painting

  1. Painting

Painting is the art form which is being practised since ancient times. Though it seems to be easier but it’s a lot more than difficult. Choosing the proper color, proper textures and proper sketches is what makes your painting the best or the worst. Painting is the result of one’s creativity, emotions, composition, narration and gestures.

Different types of art forms- painting