Do you really know yourself ?

You might know everything about you, of course everyone does, but there are some questions you really need to answer to let yourself know how better you know yourself.

Don’t go on the way to answer basic questions like what is your favorite food or what is your favorite color? Look a little deeper to know do you really know yourself. You might know everything about you, of course, everyone does, but there are some questions you really need to answer to let yourself know how do you get to know yourself.

  1. How do you introduce yourself to someone?

Besides telling your name and occupation, figure out what are other things through which you introduce yourself. They might be your interests, your hobbies, your grades or something that may be unique in you. Through this question, you get to know a little more about yourself, what you like and what’s special in you.

know yourself introduce yourself


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  1. How do you define your being?

If someone ask you to define yourself then what would you say? Ask yourself that who you are, what you want from your life and what you are doing to achieve what you want? This will take you one step closer to getting what you want from your life.

  1. What is your biggest achievement?

It’s not necessary to always focus on the things you want to achieve. Sometimes you need to look back and think what is your biggest achievement till date. If you are clear with this, it will help you to celebrate for a little moment and encourage yourself to do better.


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  1. Are you a better person today than you were 5 years ago?

This question will help you to look to the time you have gone through in the last five years. You will get to know what you have improved through the time and what you really need to improve at this time.

  1. If tomorrow would be the last day of the world, what would you do today?

This might be the best question so far that you can ask yourself if you really want to know how much you know yourself. Just imagine you have some tasks to be done and tomorrow is the deadline to complete your task. The speed with which you do your task is double the speed than earlier. Similarly, think that tomorrow is the last day, it will not only help you realize what you desperately want to do in your life and help you do that.


  1. What is the best thing you have done for someone?

Ask yourself this question to figure out have you really done something good for someone. If no, it will make you do something good to someone so that you could get the answer as yes when you ask the same question to yourself and if yes then it will encourage you to do to more.

know yourself what is the best thing you have done

  1. If you would die tomorrow, are you satisfied with the life you have lived?

This question is asked to know whether you are happy with your life or not because satisfaction is the biggest thing to live a happy life. You are never happy until you are satisfied. So ask this question to yourself so that even if you die tomorrow, you would die happily with satisfaction.

Hope now you know how do you get to know yourself..!!

Got something to that will help you know yourself better ? feel free to write in comments..!!

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