Does Your Business Actually Need A Website At All ?

Importance of a Website is overvalued

While everyone else keeps yelling at you to get a website. Understand if it’s worth it at all.

Everyone is shifting their business online. Clothes online, Accessories online, fruits online vegetable online, mobile online motor car online. In this race for getting online with your business, we seldom forget to keep a mark on the adverse effect this online race would have on our business. Here is a study of how the Importance of website in business is actually overvalued in the current scenario and why you should avoid getting online.

Websites Never Sleep.

Many people surf the web in the evening when most businesses are closed, which is perfectly fine because websites never take a break. Here an importance of website will allow your business or organization to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Having a website is the equivalent of having an employee working around the clock – even on weekends and holidays. The more time your shop is open more work you get thus you will get no time to enjoy. What is the importance of a website in Business? So Avoid getting a website

Your Top Competitor Has A Website.

If you are in direct competition with another business that has a website, they have a clear advantage – especially if they are adequately marketing their website. A website is a great way to level the playing field. The importance of website help your business will grow even higher and you will earn more.

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Where would you keep that money?

Just Google It.

More than ever before, people are turning away from traditional means of finding information and looking online, especially by way of mobile devices. Your business should be at their fingertips when they look in the search engines. If someone found your website on google you will get more customer then you have to maintain relations with them to keep business coming.

More time to invest

Websites Improve Customer Confidence & Corporate Image.

With a professional website, you will improve your overall impression to the public and, in turn, your customers will develop a greater sense of confidence in your organization. Better image will lead to higher valuation, higher valuation will lead to more employees and then you will have to pay more people.

Small Businesses Have Higher Revenue.

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses that have websites are averaging $1.07 million more per year in sales than small businesses not online. That equates to a 39% higher revenue. And where will keep this hell lot of money?

Do You Know 247 Million People?

That is the number of Americans that regularly use the Internet. Worldwide Internet usage is pushing two billion. and your business will grab their eyes. So bad no privacy

Websites Help Establish More Customers.

According to the Small Business Administration, 50% of Internet sales are from new customers. Having a website significantly improves your customer reach no matter what services or products you offer. and why add that extra list of new customers to your list?

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Websites Are Not Just Local, They Are Global.

Most small businesses are only able to market to their town and surrounding communities. With a website, you can take your goods and services across America and around the world, if you so choose. You are already sick of local customers and now you gotta handle the overseas customers as well which will give me more money and then you will have to even improve the quality of your products. So much Good stuff Yuck 😛

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