Don’t Bargain, be a helping hand instead

vegetable vendor helping hand

when we throw money like water in malls why not help these people grow a bit ?

Bargaining is a part and parcel of Indian life and culture. Right from your subjiwalas to that car salesman, Indians bargain with anybody and everybody. It’s almost a feeling of pride when you bargain and get something for cheaper, even if it’s just Rs 05 less. However, there are people you should never bargain, Reason is “They do business not to build shopping malls but to LIVE AND EAT “ . So let us take a look and try to know why shouldn’t we bargain with them..

Vegetable Vendors :

    • Bargaining with the local subziwalla or the vegetable vendor is something Indians do not even do consciously. They have been doing it forever and it is a habit now. But have you ever thought of the pains your vegetable vendor goes through? He probably wakes up at 3 in the morning to reach the area where the vegetables get delivered by trucks early in the morning. He then purchases these vegetables and sets up his stall and stands in the heat/rain/cold all day screaming out to passersby to buy the vegetables. His day begins early and ends late. And if no one buys his wares, they have to be thrown as vegetables and fruits have a short shelf life. When you buy vegetables and fruits from supermarkets, you do not even think about bargaining. Why then ask the poor vendor to reduce his price? If you want vegetables for cheaper, go to a wholesale market. Too far and tiring? Well, so is the vendor’s job.

Roadside vendors :

    • The blind and often physically challenged men who sell small items and kitsch by the roadside have no other means of income apart from being salesmen. There are times when they even get cheated by customers who offer them incorrect amount notes and then disappear and the poor men are left struggling. It is extremely difficult to be handicapped and illiterate in India, and manage to earn a decent income. The next time you think of cheating these poor men/women, think twice and pay them what they ask for. It will brighten their day and make you feel good.

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Painters :

    • The men who come to paint your house live a tough life. They live with the smell of paint and varnish day in and day out. They make your house beautiful. And yet their efforts are never valued. They never even get to live in the sort of houses they paint. Appreciate their efforts and applaud them. Give them what they rightly deserve, without skimping.

Cobblers :

    • Being a cobbler in India is perhaps one of the most underrated professions. Just like with tailors, a lot of Indians buy branded and high-end footwear and then ask roadside cobblers to mend or stitch them to make them stronger. Indian cobblers, apart from mending shoes, also design the best custom sandals and shoes at the cheapest of rates. If you do not think twice about paying Rs 2500-Rs 3000 for a pair of branded shoes, why does it pinch you to pay even Rs 25 to mend them? Try getting a custom shoe made by a roadside cobbler and the fit and longevity of it will amaze you. The next time, do not haggle with the poor man. Give him what he deserves.

cobbler helping hand

Alteration tailors :

    • Alteration tailors or tailors who stitch custom clothes for you are unique to India and certain other developing countries. If you ever go abroad and try getting a dress “custom-made” you will end up paying double the cost of a branded dress. Tailors, especially alteration tailors, in India hardly earn a four-figure salary in a month and have to live life hand to mouth. When you buy branded clothes from shops worth hundreds and perhaps even thousands, you do not bat an eye-lid. But when it comes to shelling out Rs 50-100 for getting those clothes re-sized and perfect, you suddenly feel the pinch and bargain like there’s no tomorrow. Give the poor man a chance to survive and don’t bargain for such petty amounts.

Coolies :

    • One of the most difficult professions in the country, the coolie takes everyone’s luggage and unburdens them. Literally. Being a coolie is a tough task. The man has to carry extremely heavy luggage and it takes a toll on his health. Add this to the fact that he generally jumps into moving trains to try and get customers. His job involves loads of risks. With modern bags with wheels and trolleys, their clientele is slowly dwindling. Theirs is a hard life with very little income on most days. Don’t begrudge them the extra 10 or 20 Rs. They deserve every rupee and more.

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Plumbers and electricians :

  • Most societies and apartment complexes in India have their own team of plumbers and electricians and the rates charged are as per rate cards. However, if you call an electrician and plumber on your own, you somehow end up bargaining for the tiniest amounts. If you are so miserly, instead of making the electrician/plumber run around to purchase the faulty parts, buy the parts yourself and try fixing the device. You’ll realise the pain and effort that goes into their task. And if you cannot do it, shut up and pay the man what he deserves.


Have you ever thought Why we bargain with street vendors & rickshaw pullers even though we happily pay 150 to 500 percent more money at malls & restaurant?


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