Before I get to the mainstream let me tell you a story of a man, his son and their donkey. Nearly every one of us has heard of Aesop’s fables. The story is also one of Aesop’s Fables. In the story we understand how people lose in the attempt to please others. Don’t let other people’s expectations hold you as you do not need to impress them.

Now getting to the story- One day a man and his son were taking their donkey to the market to sell it. On the way they met a few men who laughed and jeered at them telling that they were such fools to walk with the donkey when they could easily ride it. Getting embarrassed both the man and the boy rode the donkey. They hadn’t gone far when they met a few farmers who insulted them by saying they were so heartless beings that they overloaded the poor donkey. Paying heed to the farmers, the man got down and allowed his son to ride the donkey. They had hardly gone a few meters when a few old men discussed among themselves about the selfishness of the boy and how he, despite being so young, was riding the donkey while his aged father was trudging along. So the boy got down and let his father to get on the back of the donkey. So they started their journey once again. But after walking for a few minutes they heard a few ladies saying that the father was so selfish that he was enjoying the comfort of sitting on the donkey while the boy was walking.

Realizing the mistake the man got down. But they couldn’t understand what to do. So at last they tied the donkey to a pole and started to carry it on their shoulders. Just as they were about to reach the market they had to cross a bridge with a river flowing under it. When they had reached the middle of the bridge, the donkey seeing its own upside down reflection in the water below got frightened and started throwing its legs. The boy couldn’t control it and let go off the pole that was carrying the donkey. The donkey fell in the river and drowned. From the story we get to learn how paying too much attention to others thoughts and ideas turned out to be a loss to the family.

The story teaches us that it is impossible to please everybody. Everyone has his own perception of pleasure. It is not possible for an individual to please everyone around him. We are God’s creation. But are we contented and pleased? So when god failed to please every individual, how can you expect to accomplish this impossibility? Even in the bible it is mentioned that it is dangerous to consider what others think of you. You just cannot impress or satisfy every single person on earth; hence there is no point in trying to do so. Someone or other will always find a fault in your work, that’s why it is impossible to appease every single person.

From the story we can infer that in attempt to please everybody, you will fail to please anybody; even yourself. For example when an article or book is published, praise and criticism is earned at the same time. If you are trying to live a life trying to please everybody around you, you will end up feeling miserable because you’ll stop living for you.

People have big expectations from you. They judge and advise you out of spontaneity. They neither know your past or your future or even your present condition. So their judgment is useless should not be taken too seriously. The people around you don’t know what’s going on inside your head. So they don’t have the right to judge you. Even If they judge you, you don’t need to pay attention to their judgment because only you are the person who knows what’s going on in your mind. Yes, doing well is cool, but you do not need to impress everyone by doing what they expect from you. Paying heed to people can be a huge negative in your life, as you just cannot get anything positive out of it.

Moreover your perspectives are most likely different from others. So you don’t need to pay heed to what every other individual is expecting from you. Let me quote a phrase: “What do you care what other people think”. These words were said to Richard Feynman by his wife. It is also the title of his biographical account. Richard Feynman is one of the best known scientists of the 20th century. Probably his attitude of life had something to do with his success. May be he quit worrying about others happiness that he achieved such success. So just let the world worry about you and you worry only about yourself.

Varun Choudhary

Varun Choudhary

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