Before you start reading, let me warn you; this article is not about how to turn yourself into Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jay Cutler or Dorian Yates or Phil Heath. This article is about how you can keep yourself fit and fine, despite the hectic and tight schedule of a robust life. This article will guide you how to carve some time out of your daily routine and pay attention to yourself and do something to keep one-self healthy. So without wasting much time let’s get to the point and check some regular body regimes that you can do without spending much time on them.
Walk while you talk
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Yes, The Abhishek bachchan was indeed so right when he campaigned for “walk, when you talk”.
Well, the current generation can’t go a single day without cell-phones. We see most people holding a cell-phone to their ear and talking while standing stationary at a single place. Now come on, you’re not using a telephone and the wire won’t obstruct you. Just walk when you talk. In this way you’ll be able to perform two tasks at the same time.

Take your pet out
Effortless 15 min workout to stay fit - MashupCorner
It’ll be quite helpful for you as well as your pet. Just put a leash on your dog and take it around the park or neighborhood for a brisk walk. This will keep your pet in a happy mood and keep your body fit. That isn’t very difficult, and it won’t take much time too!

Use your play or TV. time

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Woman Exercising with Television

Don’t just ease and sit out on the couch while being entertained on the t.v. Instead, jog or walk on your treadmill in your house or the gym while keeping an eye on the screen. Being a couch potato will only make you fat and lazy.

Take your children on a colony tour
Take your children out for a walk everyday around the colony or in a park. This’ll help them, as well as you, to remain fit and fresh. Moreover you’ll get time to interact with your kids too and people around you too.

Form a group
Search for a group of health conscious people and form a group who go out regularly on a stroll.
Pace the mall
If you’re finding it difficult to find a place where you can walk, then you can definitely go to the mall and walk in a climate controlled environment as well as take a sneak peak at the shops. Window shopping with health benefits!

Stairs are fair
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Wherever possible avoid the use of escalators or elevators. Instead, avail the stairs. This will help with burning the extra calories
Park and then pace yourself
How often have we faced the difficulty of parking our vehicle at a favorable spot? Why can’t we park it at some distance and walk the extra mile. This is great way to burn some calories and pick a good parking space.

Avoid the extra calories
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As far as possible avoid the extra calories that we intake in the form of cakes and pies and other desserts

Take a night stroll
After having your dinner, it is suggested that you should take a stroll along the streets of your colony.
So there you go, all of these are good calorie burning practices that can help you with maintain your health despite having a shortage of time; even after enduring a compact and a robust schedule throughout the day.

Gaurab Sinha

Gaurab Sinha

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