Ever Wondered Why Do You Sometime Wake Up Tired?

what brain does

Like you slept for 8 hours straight and yet tired.

Sometimes even after a long and sound sleep, we find ourselves waking up tired. Sometimes even sweating like we were doing a workout while sleeping. Why does that happen? Is sleep suppose to give you rest, isn’t it? it’s not strange at all. what if your brain is still working while you are sleeping. and what if your brain is working way too much. It would result in exhausted feeling.

When you fall deep asleep your brain and body do some amazing things you might be unaware of. Let us first see how we actually fall asleep? Sleeping is a process which if you try harder to get, it will be less likely to occur. According to the studies, sleeping is the period in which the brain progressively disengages from the external world. A short while after you go to sleep you pass through the various stages of sleep.

When you enter the stage 1, your brain muscles activity and brain waves seem to be slowing down. When you enter stage 2, there’s a calmer brainwave and no eye movement with losing touch with the surrounding, but the person in stage 2 can easily be shaken awake. Stage 3 and 4 together comprise with dropping of blood pressure and body temperature. With this, breathing also slows down. Brain waves in these two similar stages are the slowest among all stages. These two same stages are called Slow Wave Sleep. This is the final stage when you fall in deep sleep. During these stages these are things your brain does:


DREAMON - MashupCorner

This is the most obvious task your brain performs while sleeping. Your brain can have 7 different types of a dream in a single night. These dreams may be related to your present-day work or any past related activities. The characters you see in your dreams are all known to you. You will never see an unknown character in your dreams. You may likely have an activity in a dream sometimes which might be occurring in future.

Make Decisions

making decision

According to a new research, a brain can process information and prepare for actions during sleep. Some people were asked to categorize a group of words in the categories of real words and fake words. During this process, the people were lying in a dark room so that they could fall asleep. The decision was made by pressing a right or a left button. When these people fell asleep, the brain monitoring device showed that their brains still continued to prepare the motor function to create right and left responses based on the meaning of the words they heard.

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Learns and Remembers to Perform Physical Tasks


Your brain does a really nice job while sleeping that is: it learns a physical task or simply tries to remember a task it has learnt earlier. It’s because the brain holds a large room to store a large quantity of information into long-term memory through something known as Sleep Spindles. Your brain tries to remember some vibrant tasks like swimming, learning any sport, driving or simply a dance move.

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Create or Gather Memories

creating or gathering memories

Most part of our sleep is involved in making memories. The brain tries to create new memories and gather the old ones. Lack of rest could have some effect in creating or gathering memories. Sleep plays an important role in learning something new. Sleeping before learning something gives relaxation to your mind and you feel fresh to start something new.

Just remember, sleeping is nice because you forget about everything for a little while. So pull out your blankets and pillows, dive into your bed, fall asleep and let your brain do the wonders.