Fashion Hack: 12 amazing ways to look pretty with your t-shirt

Look pretty with your t-shirt

Ever thought if a simple t-shirt look pretty? You are in for a Delight 🙂

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T-shirt with jeans is the comfortable outfit for most of the girls. There is something nostalgic about wearing a simple t-shirt as daily wear. About comfort- keeping it simple or chic, an essential t-shirt is a must-have in every girl’s closet.

let’s try some different ways to look pretty with your t-shirt.

Pair your pencil skirt with the t-shirt.

pencil skirt with t-shirt

Pencil skirts define your hip-bone and fall into a definition of formal wear. Prep it up with a graphic tee instead of a regular blouse to add the bling. It not only makes yo look pretty with your t-shirt but also gives you the dominating aura.

You can also wear a graphic t-shirt as casual wear. Show up some fun with your formal outfit to add the chirpiness. A high ponytail and minimal makeup with bold lips will complement the look.

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Wear a t-shirt on your dress.

Wear a t-shirt on your dress

Why wear the same dress as casual wear? Team up your dress with a t-shirt and surprise everyone with a new outfit. With the same dress, you can wear different t-shirts to zing up a new outfit altogether.

This look is perfect for a lunch date or outing with your girls. A sleek ponytail and the leather sling bag metallic footwear is the right combination.

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Turn your long t-shirt into a tunic top.

turn your t-shirt into tunic top

Bored of wearing tunic tops of silk or linen fabric? Transform your long tee into a fancy tunic top. Team it with baggy jeans or leggings. Complete this look by pairing it with a scarf or a cute necklace, and you are ready to go.

Layering is the hottest trend.

With the monsoon round the corner, go ahead with layering. Layer a striped or plain t-shirt with a cardigan and a scarf. Opt for a loose fit cardigan than the perfect fit.

Oversized cardigan happens to be one of the fall’s biggest fashion trend. Flaunt your oversized sweaters, cardigans, scarves in the most stylish way this monsoon. Complete the look by wearing right kind of footwear like booties.


Few more ways to style layering as follows:

T-shirt+leather jacket-

This style can never fade. A leather jacket is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. We love the way this outfit comes out to be.

Zipped leather jacket, leather pants and a pink t-shirt to break monochrome is so chic. Topping it with the hat and oversized bag adds the drama.

main.original.640x0c (3)

Striped T-shirt+loose fit coat-

This is such a fashionable attire, head to street fashion with messy hair, loose fit t-shirt and coat. Along with the beanie, the coat and torn jeans compliment each other.


T-shirt +fringed jacket

Fringed bag, fringed t-shirts, fringed skirts, fringes are back as a bomb. Pair your t-shirt fashion with a fringed jacket and minimal jewellery to step ahead. The sneakers give a fresh air than the usual girly footwear.

main.original.640x0c (1)

T-shirt +large poncho

How to cope with the monsoon with style? A poncho comes as a saviour, layer your t-shirt. Add a bright, colourful poncho with your plain t-shirt to add some charm to the dull weather.


Look pretty with your t-shirt by using it as a dress.

tshirt as a dress

A new way to prep up your t-shirt is by wearing it as a dress. Try your long t-shirt as a dress which gives an illusion of a jersey. Pair it up with a jacket and lace up strappy sandal. Don’t have a long t-shirt? No problem. Steal your boyfriend’s t-shirt and get all comfy in it.

Refashion your old t-shirt into new tops.

Bored of wearing the same old stuff over and over again? Give a twist to your old t-shirt by using your creativity. Cut out your t-shirt, add a piece of lace on the sides or into different shapes to define your back like in the picture. Turn your tee into a tank top, stylish apparel, workout shirt and what not. Add your creativity and give a makeover to your wardrobe.

refashion your old t-shirt into new tops

T-shirt with button-down blouse.

This is such a lovely combination. Instead of wearing two single tops, combine both together and look effortless. If you’re in a hurry and want to look fashionable. Pair a plain white t-shirt with ankle fitted jeans and a checked button-down blouse.

look pretty with your t-shirt with button-down blouse

Go monochrome with your t-shirt.

The best way to style this look is by wearing all black or all white. It will give you a sophisticated yet chic look. It gives an alluring look and makes you stand out in the crowd. When you opt for this look, black goes out well with most of the girls. As black is attractive and compliments all body types, you need to be extra careful if you go with all white.

Go monochrome with your t-shirt

Revive the old fashion in most flattering style.

For a casual look, pair your t-shirt with a high-waist jeans. Team it with a black crop top by showing a bit off your midriff region. This look is perfect for the monsoon when you pair it up with your booties. We love the high ankle length jeans quirky look.

Revive the old fashion in most flattering style

T-shirt with torn jeans and heels.

Take your fashion-forward by pairing your tee with a pair of torn jeans. Team it with culottes and classy black heels. Try adding a bit of pattern like the checkered culottes here. This look is perfect casual wear for work.

t-shirt with torn jeans and heels

Roll up your t-shirt to add panache to the outfit.

Roll your t-shirt and tie a knot on either corner to create an effortless look. You can try this with jeans, dress or skirts. It is an easy way to look girlish yet gives an urban chic feel.

Roll up and look pretty with yout t-shirt


Turn your old t-shirts into new accessories.

Turn your old t-shirts into a headband, dream catchers, a fancy showpiece, etc.

Do not throw away your old t-shirt instead turns them into fancy stuff that you can use daily. A simple way to turn your old t-shirt into a headband like this.

turn your old t-shirts into new accessories

Got your own ways to style your t-shirt? Feel free to shoot out in comments

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