Fashion Hack: 6 Attractive Hairstyles for Gym

attractive hairstyles for gym

Workout is healthy, it’s time to make it trendy as well. Make everyday your own Good Hair Day. #hairstyles

Remember every time you hit the gym, your hair coming in between of your workouts. That’s so irritating! Yes, a high pony will make your hair stand in a place but what about the hair behind? You’re cycling and your pony falls down on your face every time. Messy Buns are the best, no preparation and don’t consume time. But again if you are on a high-level cardio, it gets as messy as the bun. So, let’s ditch the conventional way we tie our hair for the gym and get going with some cool and comfortable styles. Of course, the gym is just to work out not to showcase your fashion skills but you got to be trendy as well once you’re out of the gym.

So, go grab some pins and bands right away, we shall start working on your hairstyle skills.

Twist and wrapped Low pony.


All you need is just few Bobby pins and some twisting. Don’t turn away seeing the layers, it’s just simple pinned pieces with the ends tucked to each other. It’s not time-consuming nor requires any hardcore skills to tie.

Segmented Pony


Grab some bands and you are good to go. Just tie your hair into a high pony and segment your hair into sections and continue doing it until the end. This style takes hardly 2 minutes and you’re good to go.

Pinned up ponytail.

pinned-pony attractive hairstyles for gym

This style is a combination of ponytail and bun all you need is to secure your high tied pony with some bobby pins into a bun.

Tiered Pony

Attractive hairstyles for gym with Tiered Pony

This is yet another classy and versatile gym hairstyle that you can don. Section your hair from the crown until you reach mid-section of your neck. Tie a band for each section of hair parted. After gym too you can remove the tiers and go out with a sleek and polished look.

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Pigtail Buns

Pigtail buns for attractive hairstyles for gym

One of the trending and most tried hairstyles of the season is the pigtail Buns. This works well for even short hairs and you don’t have to worry after you leave the gym as well. This style goes well with all attire.

way Boxer Braids

boxer braids for gym

Boxer- braids are new high in the hair styling. This is super cool and comfortable. Sport it the way you are comfortable in. The most efficient way to sport this style for gym is the first style where you braid your hair completely.

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