Quite a few of the dietitians suggest that it’s foolish to resist yourself from something you really want to eat while you’re on a weight losing session, as eventually this concept backfires and you end up gaining weight anyhow. So chill and don’t be afraid by reading the title as desserts are not on the list.
But some food items definitely need a barricading from making to the banquet table and consequently into your stomach. Having said all these, let’s have a look at the list of the food one should avoid, when you are trying to do to lose weight.
1. Carb dominating foods

Foods To Avoid While You Are Trying To Slim Down
When you are in the weight losing stage, don’t let carbohydrates monopolize your diet. When you take rice, cereals or breads, the body transforms the carbs into simple sugar and circulates it directly through the bloodstream. To neutralize this sugar rush, the body generates extra amounts of insulin to absorb the sugar Asap. All of this leads to faster digestion, and eventually you end up being hungry sooner than expected. Hence you start eating more and more, which promotes and boosts the weight gain.
It’s not that you have to use caution symbols telling carbs are not allowed. It’s just you need to determine the right quantity of carbohydrate, healthy fat and protein in your diet. As the perfect blend of these items take time to get digested, thereby preventing you from getting hungry real fast after a meal.

2. Frozen food

Foods To Avoid While You Are Trying To Slim Down
The manufacturers use extra sodium in foods that can be stored in your refrigerator. These foods are known as frozen food, and the sodium in them act a preservative. Many dietitians say that sodium makes you retain water that puffs you up.

And, if sodium, in retrospect, was not enough; manufacturers also started packing too much calories in these small boxes too.

3. “Fat-free” food

Foods To Avoid While You Are Trying To Slim Down
Research has proven that people tend to boost their diet by about 30% when they are on a fat-free diet schedule. Most people, do this because, they consider that since they are on a fat-free diet, they’re protected against weight gains. This leads them to believe that they can eat more and this concept backfires completely.

4. High fiber foods

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Everyone needs fiber in their diet so that their stomach works efficiently. The optimum amount of fiber needed by a middle-aged person is about 25gms/day. But this fiber should be taken in a systematic manner. And, one should not just shovel in a whole 25gms worth of fiber in a single meal and end up with a stomach problem.

5. Eating food from a Value-sized pack
Research has successfully proven that people tend to eat more from packets containing large quantities of eatables. As a result if you are willing to lose weight, then keep value-sized packets out of your kitchen.

6. Fruit juice
As far as possible, avoid fruit juices. Let’s see out this fact practically.
When we eat one orange, we take the essential fibers with it, which also helps in making our tummy satisfied. But, if we take just the liquid juice, the juice from one orange can never be enough to meet up with our hunger demands. And hence we end up taking in the juice from 3-4 fruits. This means the fructose and glucose level just keeps on piling up. In all this, we sometimes also ignore to considered the sugar used in the juices.

7. Booze
It is a near impossible job to find an expert who recommends you alcohol, while you are on a weight loss quest. Alcohol contains empty calories, which on top of failing to satisfy the hunger, softens your resolve and you end up overeating.

8. Soft drinks
If you are looking to lose weight, then just bid farewell to soda and sweet tasting aerated drinks, even if they are marked with zero calorie tag. The drink might be calorie-free, but it contains carbonated water that creates a sensation of a filled up stomach and you end up eating too less or starved. And, this in turn, can cause you weight problems!
So after reading all this stuff, it is up to you to plan your diet-chart carefully. Or, you can also consult your dietitian if you are seeking weight loss advice and the right diet in behest of it.

Gaurab Sinha

Gaurab Sinha

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