Get over your inferiority complex

How to overcome inferiority complex

How to overcome those moments that bring you to your back foot. Time to take initiatives

I have seen a lot of people falling prey to inferiority complex and I will not lie, but I am one of them too. Hence, I have decided to acknowledge this problem and try to figure out the potential solution to fix it. Inferiority complex occurs when you tend to believe that a person named XYZ is better than you in one or the other aspect, thus making you feel inferior.

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These feelings of insecurity, envy, and jealousy are all natural but when they exceed their limit, they can be hazardous as well. Hence, here I am to help you as well as myself in getting rid of this inferiority complex.

  1. Acceptance

    – The foremost affair to care is to accept. It is only when you know that you feel inferior and hence you lose your confidence, you can try to manage the situation. So, first accept that there is a loophole about you as of now that needs to be filled.

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  1. Address

    – Here comes the introspection part of the issue. In the midst of the hurricane that is sprawling in your mind, you need to find moments of peace. In those moments of peace try to introspect yourself and figure out exactly what is making you feel insecure. Is it the intellect? Is it the way they talk and walk? Is it the way they dress up or is it the way they treat you?


You may not get the answer at once, nor will any social networking site can come handy. You need to figure it out all by yourself – what is it that is making you feel inferior?


  1. Acknowledge

    – I have observed that most of us, who feel that maybe ABC is better than us, are tend to find ways in making ourselves believe that no he or she is not. In short, we try to prove that ABC is not that good. This belief is not a belief for real but a manipulation, and hence, you need to stop doing it. So, what are you supposed to start? Start acknowledging.

If you feel that ABC talks better than you then acknowledge that to yourself if not with anybody else. Get inspired and learn from him/her instead of clearly dismissing the idea.

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Now that you have come to the stage where you have accepted that something is wrong in your thought process, you have addressed the origin of it and you have also acknowledged the person; you can go ahead with the next step and that is to understand.


  1. Understand

    – We all need to understand that we are the unique part of this universe and we have something special in each one us… eh? You must have heard this a dozen of times and hence I am going to tell you something different.

Inferiority complex arises only when someone else makes you believe that you are good at something. Here, you do not believe this from inside rather an external force, which is acting upon you, is making you believe this. Thus, you get dependent and seek for validation no matter what you do. However, this external force could be your friends, spouse, family or any stranger but this force is not as concrete as the inner force could be. That is the reason, why there are days when you feel good but suddenly the world turns upside down and you feel worthless and inferior. This is because; you have “made” yourself to believe instead of “believing”.

So, when you are not confident from inside these external forces let you have your confident moments temporarily but at the same time your lack of trust in you, cannot be filled in by anyone else.


Hence, what you should believe is in you, believe that you are not perfect but you are not a copied version either. You need to believe that you cannot be flawless, but it does not matter either. You also need to believe that people who seem to be super confident are insecure like you too and maybe you never know somebody must be feeling inferior seeing you as well because at the end of the day we all are perfectly imperfect humans. We all are flawed.


Think about it and let us know your experience!

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Shweta Suvarna

Shweta Suvarna

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