How good English can make your life better?

How good English can make your life better?

The World is getting better at English. Where are you ?

With the ever growing opportunities in this much-globalized world. The need to understand English and its basics have become customary!

Starting from textbooks to internet texts and podcasts to videos, you will find spoken English in quality. There is so much information that you can find only in English. A major part of the world’s information out there is in English than in any other language.

The more you study English, the easier it is to learn about anything and everything.
It is quicker and easier for you to learn from all the sources. Such as English media, just with better linguistic skills.

English is a global language

English being the most spread and spoken language. It combines almost all cultures in the world and by far has deepest and a wide range of information.

It is the most important and primary language of trade and commerce. If you wish to buy something from an international company. Then the user guide may just contain the product description only in a few languages. Out of which “English” is one!

If you wish to learn about personal development, business, share trading. Or maybe entrepreneurship, lifestyle, design, and any software. Anything which interests you or lies in your hobby list can be learnt. All you have got to do is just start surfing the net till you find the legitimate source to learn about the same! Oops! Another problem.

How would you start surfing the internet when the underlying need to do so is English.
Thus it is important to know the language. It has such a broad scale of knowledge and importance in today’s scenario of the world.

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English connects you with other people around.

If you’re a professional or a passionate traveller. And like to make new friends around the world. Then you would have realised how important it knows the language. As you cannot go learning almost all the languages, but can rather choose one which is coercing.

For example, you are in a hostel at Spain. With people from China, Israel, Switzerland, and Brazil. You are most likely to speak English. Thus if you know the language, then you’re able to communicate well with others.
No other language can claim to do that.

learning English is going to help you connect with people from all cultures.

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The World is getting better at English, where are you?.

Each day, language barriers are burst by individuals learning to speak English. And they are progressing with it.
Because English is the language, that connects all people. If you’re not learning it, you’re creating a barrier for yourself. And abandoning to connect with the rest of the world.
Plus, you’re limiting your available input of knowledge. There is such a wide breadth and depth of information in English. You’re giving yourself a limited life.

How can one improvise and learn English?

People should watch videos and read English newspapers. English books and magazines as well on a daily basis.
Any language can be mastered by constant usage and practice. We have read and heard the quote “practice makes a man perfect”. And by bringing this quote into practice one can learn the language and be perfect in it.
1. Practice every day, the four skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.
2. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Be confident
3. Get a dictionary, to know the meaning of new words.
4. Watch English news and serials on TV. And learn the correct pronunciation of words.
5. Make a notebook and write all the new words with meaning and try to use them in your daily life.

I will write another follow-up article on more exciting ways to improve your English pretty soon.

By applying these few tips, one can master the language and be more confident.

Learning English will make your life much simpler. And you will feel more confident about yourself in public.
So keep calm and practise good English.