How To Hack Traffic For Your Podcasts: 8 Effective Ways

Drive traffic for your podcast

Do you want more listeners ? Become a Podcast Celebrity.

The popularity of podcasts is on the rise, and the rate is surprising. The growth signs easily indicate that podcasts are going to take an important place in the future of content marketing. Research indicates that there the audience for podcasts has gone up by 5 percent in the last year.

It’s high time that the businesses start recognising the huge potential of future growth that these podcasts carry. Podcasts can be your channel for to get better contacts in your niche. These can even be the best things your business marketing can have.

So how to get traffic for your podcasts? Here are the most effective ways.

#1 Begin well

If you’re a beginner in podcasting, you need to plan your launches well. You must create two to three episodes before you launch your first. You then have an option to provide your listeners with some insights into your future podcasts. Always have more things ready when you launch your first episode and launch your episodes at the perfect timings.

#2 Use Social Media


Digital marketing cannot do without social media. Most of your potential customers are present on these social networks which make it a prime place to be present at. People today look upon these for all their entertainment, awareness, and products news needs. They are all there, and you need to be where your audience is.

So driving traffic for your podcast would start from social media channels. Traffic on these platforms is never dormant, and you would find most of your followers from there. Plan and schedule your SMM well. Visibility is important.

#3 Have compelling teasers

So we are all aware of the effect of teasers. How a small teaser from an upcoming movie can just make us keep waiting for the release date. People get curious to know more when served with a sneak peek into something. This technique would work wonders for your podcasts as well. Release a short and compelling clip a day or two before the release of the full podcast and your audience will be in anticipation.

#4 Notify people about new episodes

Did you create a new podcast? Well done! Now you want people to know about it. So you need to spread awareness about your new episode across all the channels you use. Let your users have all the updates of your podcast channel with links to your latest podcast. This will help them know all the latest addition to your channel and access them directly via links.

#5 Create unique and exciting images

Now you are going to share your podcast with an image. But knowing that the media are full of image, GIF, and video content, you need to have something that is too different to have them glued. An image that stands out increases your chances of grabbing some of the users who would click and be your audience. So create an image that celebritises your page.

#6 More reshares, better virality

Your content needs to be shared again and again. Social media is flooded with content, and people can easily miss yours. So to narrow up the chances of being missed in the crowd, you need to share your content multiple times. Share your podcast multiple times in a single day on each of your social media handles. Hence you have more chances to grab several eyes. Make them see what you want them to listen.

#7 Pin episodes to your pages

You will have many social media handles for the promotion of your channel. Have your latest podcasts pinned to the pages of your social media handles. Pinned episodes would appear on top no matter how many updates you share, and would acquire more visitors. A visitor on your page will see your episodes before anything else.

#8 Stories are great

After SnapChat now Instagram also has the feature of sharing stories. These can be your best means to share short insights and behind the scenes of your podcasts. You can make them know what happens when you go for creating a podcast. All these insights only add up to the curiosity.


So use these hacks and hack more listeners to your podcasting channel. These would be your answer to the need of traffic that your podcasts demand. Happy Podcasting.

Varun Choudhary

Varun Choudhary

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