Have you found your Mr. Perfect Yet? Is he the one

is he the one

Is he or is he not the one you should continue with

Dating casually is easier but the moment you decide to settle down with someone it is always suggested to be extra sure and immensely carefully. Sadly, mere face cannot tell you if he is the one or not but then, there are certain qualities that can ensure that maybe he is the one for you.

  1. He makes you comfortable

    is he the one

    One of the most important quality aspects of any relationship is the level of comfort that you both share with one another. If he makes you feel comfortable to an extent that you can show him your non-waxed legs, if you can spill the food out of your mouth with no sign of embarrassment then you got to mark that your comfort level with him is amazingly well and you got to hold on to it.

  1. He about the future, which includes you


    You often, share your future with your date and this is where you need to observe. See to it that whether he talks about his future say 10 years from now or not? can you find yourself in it? If the answer is NO then certainly you had better need to walk away.

  1. If he takes an interest in things that belong to you

    he takes an interest in things that belong to you

    It is obvious that he must be taking a keen interest in you; but is he taking the same interest in the things that belong to you? If you find him taking an interest in knowing your group of friends, your family, your career goals and so on, then mind you! He has some long-term plans with you in his mind.

  1. He has introduced you to his family

    he has introduced you to his family

    While most of the people hesitate to take this move but your person is definitely worth keeping if he has introduced you to his family already. Also, note what he introduced you as – a friend, best friend or a girlfriend.

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  1. Your problems are his troubles

    Your problems are his troubles

    There are many who support and encourage us in our good times, but only few manage to stick to us when everything falls apart in our life. If you man stays with you and considers your obstacles as his own or even if he stays right beside you encouraging you to fight; you need to know that he is the one. It is quite easier to stick to one person when the times are perfectly happy, but only those who help us in our worst times are worth staying in our good times too.

Whenever you begin to consider someone worthy of your time and affection ensure that he has earned that position in your life in a deserving manner.

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