How are websites making the world a better place

Gone are the times when food, water, shelter constituted the basic human needs, today we proudly stand at a point of time where INTERNET has added to these

Gone are the times when food, water, shelter constituted the basic human needs, today we proudly stand at a point of time where INTERNET has added to these basic needs of every ‘urbanite’. Be it a personal promotion or making consumers aware of your brand internet definitely forms a major chunk of promotion activity. One such aspect of internet marketing or promotion is websites. Everything that you want to know from information to education, entertainment to sports every detail is presented to the viewers through websites.

Nevertheless, how are websites making world a better place?

  1. LAYING DOWN INFORMATION – Today, everything is just a click away. Whether you wish to order food, shop online, acquire a contact number, finding out location and so on – everything and anything is just a click away.Today, whenever one has to acquire information about something or someone, be it a query or a complain these websites tend to give you every related information at just one junction.


  1. ADDS CREDIBILITY – In the contemporary times it is highly significant to build faith and trust amongst the public. That is why; it becomes unavoidably vital for a brand or a company to have a website. It is a perception among people that brands that do have websites present are more credible than the ones, which do not have.


  1. FACILITATES COMMUNICATION – Numerous rescue operations in natural calamities like flood that just occurred in Chennai, earthquakes etc are carried out through websites. Social networking sites come handy especially when a mobilization of masses is required. There are times when notices are conveyed through websites as well. In this way, through websites of all the kinds it has become quite easy to facilitate the communication from one end to another.


  1. E-BUSINESS – We are gradually witnessing a newer model of business, which works on E- commerce. There are online shopping websites that sell generalized as well as product specific goods to consumers. This has become possible due to the immense capability that websites are holding onto them.


  1. GUIDES YOU – Owing to the plethora of information that these websites share, we often find them guiding us. Be it a personal problem or things that you don’t understand, be it health issues or financial; these websites act as your doctor, adviser or at least facilitator towards the expert of the arena. Right from HOW TO – WHEN TO – WHY TO – and so on, search engines are loaded with websites that at times turn out to be an answer to every damn question and confusion that one faces in life. It seems, now you do not need a counselor for minor problems, as these websites are enough to make you understand things that you want to.


Decades before the contemporary time when websites were nonexistent people never knew where shall they look for solution or whom should they connect to and that too how but with the evolution of technology it is seen that this problem is no longer being faced by us.

Shweta Suvarna

Shweta Suvarna

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