How Being Sad sometimes Helps you Being Happy

Sadness to Happiness

We usually try to move far away from sadness. During this phase we emerge as a strong version of ourselves and learn to cherish the real joys of our life.

Every sunset promises to bring the new dawn. The moment you are sad will pass and will bring happy days to you. For life is always a bitter-sweet experience. No one likes to be sad and feel loneliness in this densely crowded world. But I would suggest think it in a contrary way. Being sad can sometimes push your life upward. You can feel empowered by this.

We usually try to move far away from sadness. During this phase, we emerge as a healthy version of ourselves and learn to cherish the real joys of our life.

We learn to Appreciate Joy

It is rightly said that we learn to value the thing after they are gone. Similarly, we never realise the true meaning of joy until it is gone. When we are sad, we realise the importance of happiness in our life. It makes us learn to appreciate joy.

It Makes Us look Deeper into Ourselves

When we are happy we share it with the whole world but when we are sad, we keep it only up to ourselves. Happiness connects us to the world while sadness connects us to our inner self. We spend more time with ourselves than with anyone else when we are sad. And what could be better than taking out some time to get close to your inner self? Sadness gives you the time to look deeper into yourself.

It Makes Us Understand Our Feelings

While you are happy, you get busy sharing your happiness with as many people as you can. The feeling of happiness shines clear on your face. But when you are sad, even you don’t know how you are exactly feeling at the moment. While sadness connects you to your inner self, it also makes you understand your own feelings in a better way.

It Helps Us Grow Closer

Happiness gives you many friends, but sadness brings real friends to you. You get to know who really cares for you, who stand with you in your tough times and who helps you to get through it. Sadness helps to bring these people closer to you.

We Get Stronger and More Mature

It is said that when we are happy we behave like a child and when we are sad we behave like an adult. Sadness makes you stronger to handle the tough times and increases your maturity.

Sadness is important too

Though sadness is not at all a good thing, we could wish to happen to us it is important too. For if we were not sad then we would have never realised the true meaning of happiness in our life. The happiness we get after passing the sadness is greater than anything else in the world, for we now realise what happiness means to us and how to appreciate it. So it is okay to be sad.