How Girlfriends are just like a school bully

You never know when something that you take as caring would turn out to be the rope of your neck.

It is tough to understand girls especially if she is your girlfriend but there are times when it becomes difficult to figure out if she is bullying you or its just her way of caring. You never know when something that you take as caring would turn out to be the rope of your neck.

Here, we have compiled a few pointers that will make you understand if your girlfriend is no less than a school bully.


girlfriend threaten boyfriend

We often threaten each other humorously but things can turn ugly if you check the gravity of her intense threat. You need not worry if she casually threats you while having fun but it can turn out to be a major cause of concern if she treats you in a way that can scare you horrendously. You need to Read her mind, read her language and if her threats create terror, then you need to recheck about your relationship.

Watch her when you are in pain

Watch the reaction of your girlfriend when you are in pain

If you wish to determine if she is an actual bully or not, watch her how she reacts when you are in any physical or emotional pain. If she is least concerned and in fact enjoys seeing, you like that then buddy watch out!

Harasses you emotionally

girlfriend harasses her boyfriend

She will get annoyed if you do not call her thrice a day, she will get irritated if you do not text her in 5 seconds no matter how busy you are, she commands you to meet whenever she wants. All these signs visibly show that you are emotionally harassed and my friend, your friend is bullying you. If your girl does like that, we believe you must have a talk to her and understand why she does this to you.

Depresses you pretty often

depressed girlfriend sitting near lake

You are yet to figure out but there is something about the way she treats you that often upsets you. It could be her screams and shouts, her way of insulting you or anything else for that matter. If you find yourself depressed most of the time around her then you need to think twice.


violent girl showing her anger

Girls might be less violent and more emotional however if you see her enjoying violent acts that involve you or not does matter. If you find her seeking pleasure out of other’s pain then you are required to think twice. Bullies often enjoy when they see others in pain, which is why it is better to take extra care.

Most of the bullies have a past, which makes them turn into one however, there are times when a normal girlfriend acts like a bully as well. These sweet creatures might land you up in the pain without even making you realise about it. Hence, it is sometimes then girlfriends are not less than bullies are.

Shweta Suvarna

Shweta Suvarna

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