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Puzzles are a great family activity or you can use them as time pass as well. The Puzzles Benefit your Healthy Mind & popular for a long time. Puzzles have existed in various forms since ancient times.

For example, Riddles are mentioned in the Bible, magic squares were introduced in China around 700 BCE. There are a variety of puzzles available. We all know that puzzles benefit the physical and cognitive development of children.

But, do you know that adults can be also benefited from puzzles?

Puzzles help to keep your mind healthy and fit.

Many people are not aware of the solving puzzles benefit. So, this article is for all of them who want to know How Puzzles Benefit your Healthy Mind.

How the puzzles benefit your brain lets us proceed;

Puzzles improve your memory

If you solve puzzles, it helps to reinforce existing connections between our brain cells. Puzzles also increase the generation of new relationships. So, in turn, mental speed and thought processes are improved.

For example, Jigsaw puzzles are especially effective for improving short-term memory. This memory helps us to remember shapes, and colours and visualize the bigger picture to figure out which pieces will fit together.

It exercises both sides of your brain

The brain is an important part of our body. There are two hemispheres of your brain which perform different functions. The left side of your brain is responsible for controlling analytical and logical thinking. Whereas, the right side controls creativity.

When you work on puzzles, you are engaging both sides of your brain. Therefore, it gives your brain a real mental workout.

Puzzles lower the stress level

“Stress” is a common problem nowadays. We all encounter it at any point in our life. No doubt puzzles challenge us, but at the same time, they help us to relax our minds. When we solve a puzzle, our brain goes from a “Beta” state to an “Alpha” state. This “Alpha” state is similar to the state we are in when we dream. This shift in consciousness state has many benefits like:

  • improves your mindset
  • relieves stress
  • increases your self-confidence
  • improves your mindset
  • improves the ability to make deeper connections

Puzzles freshen up your mood

One of the benefits of puzzles is that they increase our brain’s production of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter. It regulates mood and feelings of hope and optimism.

Also, it affects memory, motivation, and concentration. Dopamine is released every time you successfully solve a puzzle. This encourages us to continue working on solving more puzzles.

Puzzles improve problem-solving skills

Puzzles are not easy to solve. You have to exercise your brain to solve them. This racking of your brain helps you a lot in dealing with the regular troubles of life. It helps you to solve the problems as well because you are practising thinking clearly.

If you can understand the patterns of the puzzles, then more likely you will understand the patterns of life as well.

Brain Puzzles benefit a good fun way

Many times you feel lonely, depressed, anxious, or bored. Being a human being, it is obvious to encounter such situations in your life.

For example, if you are feeling such negative emotions, open the newspaper and solve a crossword puzzle. It will help you to relax, and just have fun. Also, puzzles activity keep you engaged and you will find no time for negative emotions.

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Brain Puzzles benefit you to improve your IQ score

We know that puzzles improve our concentration, memory, vocabulary, and reasoning skills. So, there is no wonder that puzzles are also helpful in improving your IQ.

A study at the University of Michigan shows that if you do puzzle activity daily at least for 25 minutes, it can boost your IQ by 4 points.

We have seen the brain puzzles benefit. Now, let us discuss the two most popular types of puzzles and their benefits as well. These are:

  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Crossword puzzles

Benefits of Jigsaw puzzles

benefits of Jigsaw puzzles

The benefits of jigsaw puzzles are, Jigsaw puzzles are not new. They are in trend since the 1700s. They provide education as well as a peaceful time. These puzzles are used in schools to educate, in waiting rooms to pacify, and also helpful in developing fine motor skills.

Many types of research are showing the benefits of carrying out this activity in adulthood.

The notable MacArthur study has shown that keeping the mind active with puzzles like Jigsaw can lead to

  • a longer life expectancy
  • better quality of life
  • reduces the chances of developing certain types of mental illness
  • limits the chances of memory loss, dementia, and even Alzheimer’s Disease etc.

Jigsaw puzzles help us to achieve a state of creative meditation. On the other hand, it is a fun activity as well.

Benefits of crossword puzzles

Benefits of crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles are a good source of time pass & more crossword puzzles benefits. If you love to solve crossword puzzles, then you will be happy to know that science has explained this kind of puzzle is good for your brain.

Researchers say that solving crosswords regularly can improve memory and brain functions in older adults. These activities can also improve mental function in patients with brain damage or early dementia.

Involving yourself in the activity like solving crossword puzzles help you to improve your verbal skills, making you solve problems and making you think deeply. Also, these puzzles benefit to engage you in a better and more positive way.


In this article, we have discussed the various benefits of solving puzzles. This is the reason, so many people prefer to spend hours on puzzles. Puzzles reduce stress and give you a feeling of well-being.

Moreover, it is convenient as well. You can solve a puzzle at any time of the day. There is not any kind of restriction that when you should do it.

What according to you is how puzzles benefit your healthy brain?

Which puzzle do you prefer in your daily routine?

If you want to keep your mind healthy, then you should try solving puzzles. You will notice the puzzles benefit your brain.

I hope this article will be helpful to you in knowing how puzzles benefit your healthy mind. Share your valuable feedback in the comment section.

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