Fashion is thing that is needed everywhere—in offices, in public places and, sometimes, also in your own home. It is not easy to select, buy, wear and apply a trendy fashion on a daily basis. As of course, budget is the main constrain against this notion.
Even I have suffered a lot in the past whilst selecting my regular 9 to 5 attire, as sometimes I have run out of fashion choices, and subsequently money. And, keeping 30 fashionable options for a whole month did not suite my pockets that well too.
This is where budgeted and clever fashion options are the saviour. Know How to Budget up your fashion needs here

Be very reasonable—
In the quest to select the best dress, we sometimes can get carried away and spend that extra amount on it. The extra saving that we need or require for some other (more important) purpose.
I have done this several times, and I am sure even you might have endured the same issue. But, thankfully, there is an option which you can practice in order to keep both the sides happy. That is—you wallet and your fashion.
Opting for ‘budget friendly fashion’ is a thing that I’ve adapted, and even you should give it a try, so that you can balance between your salary and your fashion needs.
So, let us check out some fashion tips, which can suit your budget and your whole fashion program too.

Tip 1: Try save saving for the long run
But, this isn’t a budget tip! Well, I am not talking about saving your money and stashing it in the bank. I am simply telling you to save up the money to invest it in one gorgeous, drop dead, and good dress. Rather than buying 2 Shirts or 2 dresses of decent styles, buy one single dress which is fashion worthy.
Fashion is not a one day event; it is a long term investment. Hence, you must exercise some caution to be the winner in it. Also, if you are lucky, at the end of your saving regime, a fashion sale may ebb up. Just think of all the possibilities!

Tip 2: Clearance and faulty racks
Okay, I am not suggesting you to opt for faulty goods. But, if you check out a store’s clearance or the faulty rack, you can find some real surprises there. It is not implied that clearance racks only have damaged goods or clothing; it is can also be for stock clearance. Of course, put on your eagle eyes before you scout for fashionable things there.

Tip 3: Go Online
E commerce is booming, and so is the fashion requirement of people. If you’re looking for a straight forward knock down cheap and a budgeted deal, then opting for clothes and accessories over the internet can be beneficial for you. Check out websites like ebay or even the official website of your own preferred brand. You can get various deals and discounts over them for your budgeted fashionista!

Tip 5: Fashionable clothes, cheap accessories
Many have done it in the past, even me. A fashion is only complete when you have the right attire with the correct accessories. We are of course talking about belts, shoes, watches, jewelleries, scarf and gloves. But this is where one can be a bit clever by wearing a top notch dress and using cheap and budgeted accessories to keep the bills down.
Of course, try to closely match up the accessories with your clothing range. I mean, it would be plain stupid to wear slippers with your new Prada. Hence, buy aptly, but save money on the accessories.

Tip 6: Barter it
This option is as simple as it can get. Sell your old clothes, and induce more monies in your fashion budget. eBay or Olx is a great place to start. Parlay the money from your sale into your new fashion quest.
There you have it, the cheap Fashion ticks to keep your stylish and sophisticated, yet rich!