How to get Protein if you are vegeterian

Veg protein food

Curated, Researched Veg source of protein for your health and fitness regime.

Protein has always topped the list of required body nutrients. It has many important chores to do for our body. From cell and muscle building to repairing them, they form bricks for our body structure. Proteins also are the chief source of energy for us. Unfortunately, there is a limited Veg source of protein.

If you love being fit or want to gain some muscles, protein is a must thing for you. Proteins, when consumed, are broken down into amino acids by our digestive system, and these are responsible for muscle growth. A human body needs about 0.8 grammes of protein per kilogramme of the bodyweight daily.

Animals are the primary source of proteins for human consumption. So when it comes to no meat eaters or people trying to lessen their dose of meat, we often fall short of the options. But that might just be a brain fade. We have a lot of superb vegetarian proteins sources as well.

Here are the ten best protein options with zero meat content.

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1. Peanut Butter

peanut butter is great veg source of protein

Every tablespoon of peanut butter contains 4 grammes of protein and 1 gramme of fibre. It monounsaturated fats is great for your heart as well. Would you ever get something so healthy and delicious and vegetarian at the same time? Not taking it in your daily meals can be a sin.

2. Seitan

Seitan is great veg source of protien

Seitan is another food that is making its place in every vegetarian stomach daily. The great alternative to meat is made up of wheat gluten. Along with an excellent source of protein, this food also has a meat-like texture. It’s your perfect alternative to meats.

3. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are veg protein

These small seeds are the biggest thing you can get to have. These tiny seeds contain protein in abundance. Apart from that, chia seeds are miraculous for your brain with an ample of omega-3s. And we won’t say that’s it, yet. Chia seeds are also one of the best sources of fibre and multivitamins containing calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc.

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4. Tempeh

Tempeh is best veg protein

Tempeh is the most loved protein provider of Indonesia. What makes tempeh the star of vegetarian diets? It’s high in protein and has a texture that makes it a perfect fit to replace the meats in your burgers and sandwiches. A single cup can give out about 31 grammes of protein.

5. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt protein food

Can anything this good exist? It’s low in calories, high in proteins, and just delicious. What else would a vegetarian ask for? Just a 100 calorie of Greek Yogurt provides 18 grammes of protein. And the taste of it can totally make it an alternative to high-calorie mayo or sour cream.

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6. Lentils

Lentils have been the head of vegetarian protein donators since long. They aren’t ready to become less important with time. And why would they be? A cup of it gives you more than half of your daily fibre need. Apart from that, it’s also rich in vitamin B and folate. The best thing, the flavoured beans never let you fall short of your protein needs.

7. Edamame

Edamame is Japanese love. These green beans have since long been used as a starter before the main course. The thing that’s often remains neglected is that edamame has all the qualities to be your prime source of protein and not just an appetiser. A cup of it gives you tonnes of proteins and a significant amount of fibre.

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8. Chickpeas

Now, these legumes are tiny in looks but enormous in impact. Powered by an impressive amount of protein and fiber, they are one of the bests a vegetarian can feed on. Just a 3/4th cup of these can lessen your bad cholesterol.

9. Quinoa

Did you know that the UN declared 2013 as the International Year of Quinoa? This grain is a high nutritional. Quinoa is tightly packed with several vitamins and minerals. Some names would be potassium phosphorus magnesium and folate. The reason Quinoa makes it to this list is that the grain is simply the powerhouse of protein with all the nine essential amino acids for your body.

10. Eggs

If you are a vegetarian allowing yourself a diet of eggs, you need to be wise with them. They can be powerful protein boosters, but an excess of them can give you a cholesterol-rich body. On the plus side, they are high protein low-calorie food and full of choline that’s healthy for your brain. They also can help you up to your good cholesterol.

So these are the best foods that won’t let a vegetarian starve off the needful proteins. Have got any other great option on your mind? Share with us.