How to get rid of your smelly feet

smelly feet

Avoid The Embarrassment of Having Smelly Feet. Act Now

Smelly feet, smelly feet, what are they feeding you?

Phoebe Buffay’s rhyme about smelly cat quickly changes its original lyrics the moment we find a pair of feet with that disgusting smell. Do you also belong to the league of similar people? If yes, ask yourself. What are you feeding your feet with?
Here are the fixes that can let you have some relief over the issue.

1. Deodorise your feet

This would seem the most simple trick. Use deodorants for your feet, socks, and shoe as you do for your underarms. Less sweat and less smell would follow.

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2. Have regular foot washes

Another simple trick would be to wash your feet daily. Use warm water with an antibacterial and antiperspirant soap. Your feet will feel fresh and stink less.

3. The heat treatment

Are you having athlete’s feet or nail fungus? This helps a lot if that’s the case. To treat the problem, you need to take out moisture and infection from your feet. You can use your hairdryer at a lower temperature to achieve the desired result.

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4. Use powders

Smelly feet can also get a treatment of talcum powders or special foot powders. Rub a layer of it on your feet before you wear your shoes. Powders absorb sweat and moisture and keep the smell away.

Alternatively, you can also use baking soda and cornstarch.

5. Dress your feet clean

Feet dressing is crucial to avoid the stink. Don’t wear a pair of sock all the day long. Change your socks half way and keep the used one to dry in air for a day. The more pairs of socks you have, the better prepared you are to combat the issue.

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6. Ventilate your feet

You can’t suffocate your feet and expect them to be clean and fresh. You need to let your feet breathe. Choose your footwear wisely to allow enough air pass and reach your feet. You would feel a lot better with all that air.

7. Proper Shoe care

Neglecting the health of your shoes is a crime. Always keep your smelly shoes in the air and not a closed place. Odour absorbing insoles are also available to support you. Change your insoles every 2 to 3 months. You can also put some odour absorbing products in your shoes while you keep them away.

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8. Use Foot Baths

There are some treatment remedies for smelly feet. You can go for the black tea foot bath. Boil water with black tea and soak your feet into that after cooling.

Another great foot bath is to add vinegar and thyme oil to warm water and let your feet bathe in it. Just don’t use this bath if you have cuts or breaks in the feet skin.

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So use these tricks for proper foot care, and you won’t be a villain in your next meet. You don’t have to feel embarrassed again for that same reason. Respect your feet as you respect your face.

Have any more tricks? Care to share.