How to Get the Perfect Lips?

how to get perfect lips

What does it take to get the perfect lips and what all you can get

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Lip care and makeup is one of essential steps in your daily routine. Often we tend to ignore lip care. While applying makeup too, we just apply lipstick which wears out after few hours making you doubt on the product whereas it’s your mistake for not taking the right care.

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Lips have the most sensitive skin and it’s important to take necessary care right from prepping to moisturizing.  It is also important to look for a product which has SPF and protects your lips from Sun’s harsh rays.

“Make it part of your morning routine, before your lipstick,” says Ellen Marmur, MD, associate professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York.

There has been a widespread of products for lips just like the products available for the face. So, firstly let’s have a look at lip care and products for the same.

Our lips have very thin compared to our facial skin. It’s made up of 16 layers that need utmost care and attention just like our facial skin. With the hectic lifestyle and eating habits, we need to inculcate few daily lip care routine for beautiful and healthy lips.



We cleanse our face daily before applying makeup and while removing it. So, we are pretty sure about the cleansing products. You can use the same to cleanse your lips as there are no separate products for lips. But home remedies act well and prevents flaking and dark lips. It’s natural and helps you maintain pink lips.

Mix an equal amount of coconut milk and rose water to form a natural lip cleanser. Massage this mixture on your lips for 2-3 minutes every morning for smooth and soft lips. You could also mix baby oil in the mixture once a while for a little extra pampering.



After cleansing, the next step is to exfoliate it to wash away the dead skin and dirt.

Make a lip scrub by mixing equal amounts of lemon juice, powdered sugar, yogurt and tomato juice. Add a pinch of turmeric to this mixture. Gently exfoliate your lips with this scrub for about a minute before washing it off with water. This removes any dead skin and tan and brightens your lips when used daily.



Moisturizing the lips is also very much important in the routine and is the final step. So, indulge in some lip balm. Massage lightly on your lips, you’re good to go. Opt for a product that suits you well.

Apart from the lip care routine, the next step of application of lip color or lip makeup is a crucial step. If you have been a fan of one particular product or color then you are missing out something.

“There are no rules of right or wrong to lip color,” says Clarissa Luna, a New York-based celebrity makeup artist. “Whatever you feel comfortable with is what you should use.”

We have various options to choose for lips. Lip balm, Lip primer, Lip stain, Lipstick etc.

perfect lips

So, let’s have a look at different lip makeup types.

Tinted lip balm

Tinted Lip balm to get Perfect lips

The lip balm has moved past the essential and into the beautifiers business. Tinted lip balm offers an indication of shading with sheer to the medium scope and a glossy silk complete, in addition to dampness. These items are lip ointments fundamentally however they have some shading added to them which serves are a tint. They give the most natural result. It is connected specifically from the compartment and can be used directly from the container.

They frequently have SPF, which is incredible, in addition to vitamin E and Shea spread, which relax the lips. It’s see-through color, not a full-shading color, so you don’t need to stress overlooking in the mirror and making it great.

It’s more appropriate for people with dry and chapped lips. Lip balms cannot be used for bold look where more coverage is required.

Lip Gloss

Get perfect lips with lip gloss

When you hear the word lip gloss, you may imagine your teen applying bubble gum-shaded sparkle to your lips. But there is a wide range of colors now, not just the transparent gloss back then.

There are different colors and indulgence involved keeping the age factor in mind. There are such a variety of various types: full shading, sheer, sparkle, SPF assurance. Some are all the sheerer and some give you a more characteristic look, similar to a clue of color. It gives instant shine and glitz to your lips. Essential lip gloss is a fluid equation and has less staying power compared to the lipstick. You will need to continue reapplying the gloss to your lips. Color choices keep running from clear to dark. The application can be from the tube with its own instrument or a lip brush.

It goes well with people with dry lips as lip gloss are moisturizing but cannot be used if you’re seeking for a long-lasting effect.

Lip liner

use Lip liner to get perfect lips

Numerous individuals who wear lip liner apply pencil to the frame their lips to help their lipstick stay longer. The matte liner goes about as an obstruction, keeping creamier lipstick from relocating onto the skin encompassing the mouth.

A few people shade in their lips altogether with liner before applying lipstick, since lipstick falls off in the wake of eating and drinking yet lip liner doesn’t – they would prefer not to be seen with uncovered lips encompassed by striking lip liner.

Shading in the lips gives you a more drawn out enduring look. Top it with somewhat clear lip shine to give it a sheer lipstick look since it has a tendency to be on the drier side. For a consistent look, coordinate your lip liner shading to your lipstick. Liners are the items that we use to delineate the external line of our lips. Ensure that your liner is as close as would be prudent to the shade of your lipstick. Don’t over line lips with dull liners since they look unnatural.

Line your lips; fill your lips with lipstick. Applying a shine on top will make your lips look greater. The ideal liner is one that blends flawlessly onto your lips and is not harsh when utilizing.

Lip stain.


On the off chance that you need throughout the day color on your lips with no upkeep, consider lip stains. These fluid based items are painted onto the lips. When they dry, they last 8 to 12 hours. The matte stain is so persevering; to be honest, you’ll have to expel it with cosmetics remover toward the end of your day. You must be cautious and get an immaculate application as it is difficult to remove once it dries.

Lip stains can be extremely drying, so it’s best to apply a moisturizing balm first. Stains can likewise attract attention for dry lips.

Lip stains are suitable for people who want all-day color and those who don’t like the feel of lipstick but not an ideal product for people who have dry and chapped lips.

Applying lip liner prior to the application of stain gives more definition to the lips.

Lip primer


Any girl who is a regular lipstick queen knows that staying power counts just as much as the color does, and using a good primer can give almost any lipstick the ability to stay on your lips for hours on end. Use primers to prevent feathering, fading, and bleeding, and give your lips some good moisture underneath the color.

Lip primers cannot be used alone. It’s a base for the lipstick to stay on your lips for a longer time. Don’t use the same primer like your face primer. Invest on a separate lip primer. It’s not an essential wear; you can opt if you want the long lasting effect.



Lipsticks are an ideal wear for all age groups and are easy to use. The application process is something almost all are aware of. There are various types and products available in lipstick as well. Basically, a lipstick adds color to your lips but the texture has changed through times.

Different types of lipsticks are mentioned below:

Sheer lipstick- It gives a very natural and moist result. It’s a great choice for everyday use. No lip liner is needed. To apply, tap on with a lip concealer brush or your finger.

Sheer Lipstick to get Perfect lips


Semi Matte lipstick


It gives more coverage as it has more color pigments than sheer lipstick. Lip liner is optional. Apply with a lip brush or concealer brush.


Cream lipstick- The color pigments are tight and give full coverage but still a beautifully smooth, satiny feel. Lip liner is needed. Apply with a lip brush.



Matte lipstick- They show no signs of sparkle. They are color intensive and last longer than most other lip products. They also give the most coverage but have a slightly drying effect on your lips as they do not have much of a moisture content. Lip liner is needed. Apply with a lip brush.


Lip Satin.


Lip satins are the newest in the line of the lip color range. These are more like markers with a more fluid composition. They have an alcohol content which is why they dry out faster than the other lip products. It gives a long-lasting result but might dry the lips. With these products, it’s necessary to moisturize and exfoliate more often. Apply with a lip brush.


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