How To Identify a Drug Abuse & Save Lives

How to identify Drug Abuse and Save lives

Identify Drug Abuse and Prevent its ill effects on people around you. Save a Life

“Drug addiction” something that everyone wants to stay from yet most of us have been associated with it at some point or the other in our lifetime. Some by doing it and others by stopping and preventing it. But in order to prevent or stop drug abuse, one must first understand why people do it. There can be one or many reasons behind it like –
Peer pressure
Past Experiences
False prescriptions, etc.

The Reasons For Drug Abuse

The most common reason is to escape the reality and feel high. In many cases, people bounce back from it and it remains just a phase. But there are many people who get addicted to it; these people may have some trauma that can’t cope up with or any other serious issue.
Once someone gets addicted to drugs then they only strive for one thing, that is gaining and consuming higher quantities of drugs (also known as substance).
These people are known as drug addicts and they suffer from a phenomenon called Drug abuse or substance abuse. Drug abuse has been a reason for many strained relationships, along with several financial and legal problems. Apart from this, substance abuse also causes many negative and harmful effects of human mind and body.
Some of these ill – effects are as follows –

Sexual Dysfunction
Brain Injuries
Liver Damage, etc.

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How to identify drug abuse and save live

In order to avoid all of this, it’s very important to stop drug abuse, and help the drug addict at the right time, otherwise, the result can be fatal. This can easily be done by identifying the symptoms of drug abuse at the correct moment. To do which we need to observe the suspect very carefully and keenly as they show some very obvious signs of drug abuse.
Some of these easily yet major identifiable symptoms of an drug abuse are –
Intense Cravings
Physical Dependence
Withdrawal Symptoms
Increase in risky behaviour
Dilated Pupils
Weight loss, etc.


If these symptoms are identified in the early stages then the drug abuse can be stopped very easily. Also while dealing with a drug abuse it is very important to take care of that person both physically and mentally. There should ample moral support is given to these people as not force but care and affection can help them recover.

June 26 is celebrated as International Drug Awareness Day. On this day let’s pledge to identify drug abuse and help people on our surrounding from this deadly condition and help them build a better life.