How to remove negativity from your #startup team

remove negativity

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A team with a potential and determined drive is equivalent to some of the greatest assets of the company. A team at work that is consisting of individuals, who identify their goals with the goals of an organization, stay united and work in efficiency can lead the organization to the greater heights. We do realize how significantly important teamwork is which is why most of the companies involve their employees in team building activities in their training days.

Even though a team can survive on their own given the proper motivation and guidance, it is always worth the time to keep a check on the various teams and see if they are intact and organized or not.

What are the various ways of identifying the negative elements such as negative feelings or situations in your team?

  1. Regular communicative sessions

    – being a manager, you need to ensure that not only you but also your team communicates with you well. You can have regular communicative sessions wherein one on one interaction can take place. Most of the employees do not feel like opening up in front of their entire team hence, sessions like these would give them a chance to share their grieves and concerns with the manager and necessary action can be taken.


  1. Regular dose of motivation

    – you might invariably think that monetary motivation and a couple of incentives are enough to keep your team away from any negative element but, mind you! This is incorrect to think. A regular dosage of motivation never goes in vain. Keep on appreciating the team efforts even if the targets are unachieved. Appreciation fills them up with the desire of working better next time.


  1. Team building

    – it is agreed that team building exercise definitely works in initial days, however, in order to keep the team intact; it is necessary to have an organized team building exercises in every time interval. These exercises give the team a break from monotony or work, refresh their mind as well as enrich their bonding.


  1. Make yourself a part of team

    – one of the best ways of avoiding any negative elements in the form of situations or feelings is to be a part of the team. Even though you are at a higher designation than your team still, making them aware of the fact that you are a part of the team too has a greater impact to throw. This belief tends to bloom the feeling of belongingness, justice and fair chances in the mind of the employees.

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  1. Building good relationships

    – Building a team might be an easier task but it gets difficult to keep the team bonded together over a period. You do not just need to put formal efforts but also open up on impersonal fronts. Building good relationships with your team is one of the most promising ways of keeping the negative elements aside for a longer time.

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After all as said by Michael Jordan, “Talent wins the game but teamwork wins the championship”; never take your team for granted.

Got a potential factor to identify Negative elements in the team? feel free to share in comments

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