How To Save Your Brain from Collapse

You are getting old, but your mind can still be young if you do this

A George Burns quote says, “First you forget names; then you forget faces, then you forget to pull your zipper up, then you forget to pull your zipper down.”

Are you finding it a troublesome to remember things? Do you often forget names and faces of people or the zipper for that matter? That can be too irritating in some situations. Although forgetfulness can be due to any of the various viable reasons, the food you eat works a significant role in your memory power. You can develop a great memory by adopting some of the memory boosting nutrients.

So here are the ways you can accomplish a sound memory.

The whole foods

Eating lots of vegs, fruits, seeds, and nuts are healthy for your brain. Your diet must have ample amount of proteins and fibers. You also need to carb your amount of carbohydrate to not let it exceed. Include green vegetable especially the cruciferous ones. Consume dark leafy veggies, salads, legumes and other whole food. Such a diet ensures antioxidant protection and smooth flow of blood to your brain.

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Omega-3 fatty acids


These fatty acids are excellent for your brain functioning. The omega-3 fats diminish inflammation and fatty acids aid the development of your brain and cognitive skills. Have a good amount of walnuts, pastured-raised meats, omega-rich eggs, flax oils, cold water fish, and fish oil supplements.

Vitamin B

Fill your diet with more of Vitamin Bs for a better brain. These vitamins are capable of evading low-level inflammations and thus develop a sharp mind. Get for your diet an ample of Vitamin B-12, Vitamin B-6, and folic acids. You can also go for a Vitamin B-complex supplement.

Berries and Cherries

All the forms of berries and cherries are excellent sources of anthocyanins and other memory boosting flavonoids. Get the best of the benefits of fresh, frozen, or dried berries and cherries. The best ones to go with are the darker forms like blackberries and blueberries, but other types are also right. And yes don’t forget the goodies of cherries.

Exercise well

Now that well known that any and every function of your body improves with exercising. The brain isn’t an exception. Your overall workout especially the weight and strength training are not just building your body muscles but brain as well.

Now moving on to the ones you must avoid.


The more you consume sugar, the more ominous you do to your brain. Sugar is responsible for the shrinkage of your brain. Not only that, but it also shrinks your hippocampus. Hippocampus is the part of your brain that deals with learning and memorising things.

Trans Fats

These fats are oils that are infused with hydrogen for prolonged lives. Trans fats are friends with sugar. They to a lot extent do the same what sugar does. They may be even following sugar on Twitter.

Trans fats also shrink your brain. So you must avoid fried and fast foods. The avoid-list also contains veg shortening, packaged eatables, and potato chips. So next time you see “hydrogenated” written on a pack, skip it asap.

So here’s the list of the eatables that would be great for your brains and a few that are simply destructive. Be smart with your diet, and you just will be smarter in future.