How To Sell The Boring

how to sell the boring

Turn your Boring products into exciting surprise

Do you like the Puma products? Ok, wrong question. Everybody likes Puma. Would you like to sell the boring products? No right? So why do you like Puma products? Comfort and Style I guess.

Accept one thing ASAP. Not every company can be a Puma. The reason is simple. They sell most stylish and exciting products. Now think about the company that makes the plastic used at the end of the laces of Puma shoes. That company doesn’t have attractive and appealing products. The company has a boring product to place it more precisely.


Boring is important

selling the boring product is also important

Why would I call the boring an important thing? Let’s adhere to the same case. You don’t necessarily need Puma and can do without it. You can go for any other brand of shoes and can save some costs as well. But, you need that plastic at the end of your shoelaces. Life won’t be as comfortable without it as it is.

So while product based brands like Puma take away the name, parts based companies are more important. That’s why boring is important.

Boring product sells with exciting marketing

A lot of companies with boring products stick to the most boring and cliched ways of marketing. They compare themselves to Puma and say we don’t have products like that and we should be on the calmer side of marketing.

What I believe is that the more boring your product is, the more distinct your marketing should be. The game is not all about looks and flashes, it about utility as well. Show them the importance of your product. This is a great way to sell the boring.

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Coming back to the question, How to sell the boring?

Every company thinking that they sell too boring products to opt for advanced and exciting marketing tactics needs to read this. Whether you sell the water taps, toilet papers, or digital machine parts, you need to market like Puma does, or may be better than that. Digital marketing has eased customer acquisition. So come on, and hunt them up.

How? Here are the ways for fancy marketing of boring products. Here are the ways to sell the boring.

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Make them visualize it


Do it like Nokia. People buy what they see. To sell your product, you need to make people see your products. You have a product that isn’t very appealing to see? Doesn’t matter. Flaunt your product in a different light. Make it appear in an unusual manner. Change the designs and visuals of your product. Show them your product in action and that too in a unique way.

Keep it simple

Your product and its operations are a complex science? That doesn’t mean you need to try explaining it to people. You will confuse them, bore them, and make them take a run. The better way of marketing is to be direct and precise with your message. Abstract things up. As they say, show the necessary features and hide the unwanted details.

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Show them the benefits

When you have a boring product, don’t always cite your specs and features. Although it’s great to tell them these, the more important thing is to make them aware of how your product is going to impact their lives. So market your product by putting to display the benefits you offer to your customers.

Tell them stories

Every product has multiple hidden stories. The story of its birth and evolution or the story of how it changed the lives of people. Put forth all those stories and make an emotional connection with people. Tell them why your product is relevant and how it made life easier for people.

Funny marketing for boring product

Humour on the internet is the best kind of marketing. You can even joke about how boring your product is. Humour and fun are the ways to go viral. Create entertaining content and videos and leave them in splits. Funny is in and always will be.

So boring is important and marketing it well is crucial. That’s how you sell the boring.

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