How to use your facebook profile the right way

Each one of us is on facebook, at least 90% of us and statistically millions of people are signing up on facebook each minute. It would not be incorrect to say that facebook got some power of masses.

It is largely said if Facebook had been a country then it would have been the third largest populated country on the planet given the number of users that are signing up each day. Each one of us is on Facebook, at least 90% of us and statistically millions of people are signing up on Facebook each minute. It would not be incorrect to say that Facebook got some power of masses.

So, what are the best ways of utilising your Facebook profile part from stalking and flirting with a stranger and sending requests to people randomly? We are here to answer.

Organising an event

Be it your school reunion or an NGO programme, No platform is as better as Facebook where you reach out to people personally, formally and yet informally. You can use your Facebook profile is asking people to mark their presence in the respective event and can estimate the number of people who would turn up most probably.

Rescue Operations

As Chennai was hit by flood, I personally could find a lot of posts that were informing people about the food packets which were departed for the stranded people of Chennai. It becomes quite easier to communicate or collect help from people through Facebook when something unfortunate like Chennai floods occur. Therefore, if you are planning to arrange help from your side, putting it up on Facebook and gathering more like you to join in can be one of the best usages of your Facebook profile.

Display your work

Through globalisation and consumerism, we all are not coming to the point where each one of us is a brand and to enhance your positioning in the market as a brand your Facebook profile can be immensely helpful. Supposing if you are an artist who has mastered the art of sketching, you can highlight your work in the form of pictures and videos and gain reorganisation as a brand.

Gathering support for Charity

Whether you wish to bring a change in the society or simply lay down your opinion about an issue, gathering support is quite easier through Facebook. Facebook makes the mobilisation of masses in a direction quite effective and easier. Through your Facebook profile, you can invite people to the event, pass your petition, discuss the issues, and hold on debates and so on.


TIP – Even if Facebook is time pass to you and you do not use it to create anything concrete yet, be careful about what you like and share. Most of the companies while checking the background tend to check the Facebook profile of the candidate. These profiles are analysed to figure out what kind of person you are.

Social media is, as you will use it; for people who truly believe in the power of communication, websites like Facebook seems to be a boon to them, which was not there a few decades back. Individually, a lot more can happen on Facebook if you are thinking creatively. The fact that Facebook is consists of numerous people itself answers everything.

Shweta Suvarna

Shweta Suvarna

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