As we have noted in the past, different civilizations and societies around the world have their unique lifestyle. The trend has continued to flourish in the modern times too, and ultimately it led to a cultural and lifestyle competition between nations and between continents.

But, assessing the general lifestyle of nation is a great way to ascertain the way it lives. This is why today we are going to discuss and decipher the differences between the lifestyle of two of the greatest nations in the world; India and America.

Of course, both the countries have different sets of demography and societal values and sense of living conditions—not only with each other, but also within their own boundaries.

However, we can take a general look at the lifestyle situation of the people of these 2 great nations, by tackling 3 different topics and assessing it. The topics are the most basic things of lifestyle—food, fashion habits and health.


  • The freedom part

Both countries are one of the biggest preachers of democracy and freedom. U.S. and India have had to fight for their democracy, and hence the people there cherish their democracy every single moment. However, in a harsh reality, in terms of making choices, Indians are still bounded by the society. For example—In the U.S., a citizen can wear whatever clothes he or she wishes or prefers, without any restrictions. But, in India, generally you can’t even marry on your own, till your 3rd uncle’s sister-in-law and rest of your family, does not approve your marriage! Let alone selecting your clothing line!

This is especially true for the women in India. Fashion policing is always on the high in India, and it coincides totally with inappropriate moral policing of the nation. People are expected to wear things, and do things, that the society in India can accept.


The trend also continues on to other social life aspects of Indians, for example having a boy friend/girl friend, drinking alcohol and sometimes even with some pivotal personal life issues. The societies in India—and also the neighbours—judge a lot, unnecessarily.

Thankfully, the situation is changing rapidly in India, but the spread has only reached some metro cities.

  • The food habits

Of course, native lands have their own set of recipes and food options to eat, and of course most are different. But, thanks to the world becoming a small place, cuisines from all parts of the world are thoroughly enjoyed both in India and in America. But, both sets of individuals in both countries have their own food preferences—for instance Indian population’s obsession with rice and flat breads.


Also, because both the countries are so diversified, food habits are also quite vibrant and multi-cultured. But, these days you can find Indian styled food in America and American food—or the American marketed fast foods especially—in India too.

  • The daily life

Some might consider that American way of regular life is much robust, exciting, fast and entertaining. Of course, this is all thanks to the delta in levels of Purchasing Power for both sets of population.

However, in terms of wellbeing, the people of U.S are much more pampered too. Their general hygiene, comfort levels, healthy air, lack of dust, better infrastructure and good garbage disposal systems promotes a much safer and a healthier way of life. Of course Indian cities, especially the cosmopolitans, are a mixed bag in terms of these aspects. All in all, Life expectancy and arguably quality of life, is much better in the U.S. Of course, parity in both the countries are so what indifferent; however a poor in India is really poor.


Overall, one might argue that you can lead a much safer, illness free hygienic, pollution free and healthier life in the U.S. But, India, and at least some states there, is also talking major steps to rectify this parity. Of course, eradicating poverty is the biggest challenge, but everything can fall in place when the people there can live a much stronger, fruitful and longer lives.

Even, the population of the U.S suffer thanks to their pollution woes too; however thanks to their cleaner living habitat, they balance out the problems.


Even India should consider balancing it out…

Gaurab Sinha

Gaurab Sinha

Gaurab is a Enterprise Content Manager at, Sportskeeda and likes to wrote about lifestyle,food, startups and trends in the market