Interesting Ways to Commit Suicide

There is Humor in Everything. Even in Death. So here we are with some interesting ways to commit suicide. Pass on the laughter as it grows with its spread

Fed up from your life? If you want to get out of your life then here are some interesting ideas to get the freedom from your life. These ideas are just for fun and we suggest you not to take it seriously. Your life is precious to you and to your loved ones as well. So don’t waste it for little depressions you face in your life. Just go on and read this article for fun.

There is Humor in Everything. Even in Death. So here we are with some interesting ways to commit suicide. Pass on the laughter as it grows with its spread

  1. Strap Explosive Around Your Body

Get a good amount of explosive. Get an over-sized trench coat, tape, lighter and mask. Hook up a detonator to an altimeter. Set the feet you want. Apply some gasoline to your entire body. The more you apply the better it is for you. Attach the explosive to your body. Hook up the altimeter to the explosive. Wear the trench coat on it so that the explosive is not visible. Soon you will hear yourself exploding with the explosive around you.


  1. Sleep in the Coffin

You might be thinking that this is the step post your death. Yes, definitely it is. But this step can be done in both ways, pre-death and post-death. Buy a good coffin you want to die in. Get it placed in a close room in your house where nobody usually comes. Lie down inside it and shut it tightly. You will soon feel suffocating and finally will leave your body alone.

Lol ways to commit suide sleep in coffin

  1. Hug a Lion

This step might be easy for some people as they have hands-on in training a lion. If you are one of these people then choose another way for you. If you are not one of these people then try going near to a lion and hug him. You will experience the greatest fear of your life. Congratulations! You have done your job and moved out of this world.

lol ways to commit suicide hug a lion

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  1. Hold a Metal Pole during Thunderstorm

This is a good option for science lovers who want to die with what they love. Thunderstorm brings electric energy and it can pass through metals. Metal is a good conductor of electricity and you can try this way to get out of your life or more specifically we can say to kill yourself. Hold a Metal pole when you see a thunderstorm and stand for some time there. The electric charge will pass by your whole body and will leave your body in shock. If you turn out to be unlucky you be alive and left with paralysis.

lol ways to commit suicide hold metal rod in thunderstorm

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  1. Go at the Fuel Station and Create a Spark

Since fuel stations do not allow anything unusual explosive materials to be brought at their place but you can still try this. Find a container in their place in which the some fuel might be there. Get inside it and explore yourself. You are done with your piece of work.

lol ways to commit suicide burn fuel station

  1. Jump From One Plane to Another

Quite an interesting way this is! Get on a plane and let it take off. Wait for some time until it gets at its maximum height. As we see on the roads one two vehicles traveling parallel to each other and someone trying to get from one to another. Try this step in the air. Imagine a plane traveling in parallel to your plane and jump toward that plane. You are then completely gone.

lol ways to commit Suicide Jump off the plane

  1. Race with a Cheetah Holding Meat in Your Hand

Challenge a cheetah to race with you. This can be done by holding a piece of meat in your hand and attracting the cheetah towards that piece. Run away as soon as you see him coming near you. Within some seconds of time, you will lose, your life as well the race.

Your life is priceless; it can’t be wasted for these stupid ways. Even if you are depressed with something in your life, find solutions to get out of it and live happily. Have a happy life.

lol ways to commit suicide race with cheetah

Know any more interesting ways to commit suicide? So share your views in comments

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