Ever since our childhood, we have been hearing that child labour is illegal. We have seen

different governmental as well as Non-governmental organizations trying to bring awareness

about the topic and take necessary steps to eradicate child labour. Their excuse is that if a child is

made to work from young age, she or he will be deprived of her/his childhood.

Well, that’s true. But isn’t it also true that a child doesn’t go to work just like that or for fun?

There are many reasons behind that. Rather the children are compelled to go for work to earn

something, for him-self or for his family. No parent would like to send their children to work by

depriving them or their childhood unless they are bound to.

Everybody understands child labour is a curse. But there are a few silver linings to it too. For

example the child can provide an extra pair of earning hands to the family as well as bear his

own expenses. The government is putting in quite some effort to eradicate child labour. But that

is not at par with the conditions. Moreover the type of education the government is providing to

the children is not at all worth mentioning. So keeping these factors in mind child labour can be a

blessing in disguise for the society as well as the child’s future.

As we can see the education provided by the government is not worth mentioning, so if the child

seeks his own education, it should not be considered as crime. If a child starts working from the

budding age, he will gain experience and knowledge to a better extent. Everyone knows that

when a child is taught from the young ages, he would learn more rapidly than a grown up person.

So if a child is taught to work from his childhood, he will get accustomed to the environment

much easily. Moreover he will excel in his field with passing time.

If a child starts working from the age of 12, by the time he reaches the age of 18, he would have

gained a 6 years working years, which is quite a good amount of experience in any field.

Considering the type of education the government is providing to the underprivileged students,

this type of experience for children is more worthy than the free education provided by the

government. So if the child is earning some money apart from gaining knowledge by working,

then it should not be considered as crime. In fact, it can actually save lives, both on the short and

on the long run!

Moreover if we pay attention, we’ll see most of the anti socials belonged to the lower strata of

the society where the children didn’t get appropriate and quality education. Idle man’s brain is a

devil’s workshop. If the child’s brain is kept idle, he would use his brains for destructive means.

But with right nurturing, we can guide the child towards a better future. If right from the

childhood age a child is allowed to work and be busy, it would prevent him from being idle and

useless; it would stop him from mixing with the wrong people who might lead them to the wrong

direction and thereby stopping them from getting to astray.

So keeping all these facts, the government should rethink of revoking the ban on child labour. At

least take up a case-by-case decision on the matter. So what do y’all think??

Varun Choudhary

Varun Choudhary

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