It Can Be A Bad Idea To Miss Out On Video Marketing This Year

Nearly 75% of all Internet traffic in 2018 will be video marketing

Video Marketing is the key to capturing market space irrespective of your industry

Are you already on it? If not, don’t waste more of your time. Video marketing is going to be vital this year and not embracing it might be a blunder.

Most of the businesses and even your competitions have already started profiting from video marketing. The marketing tactic that wasn’t too mainstream a year ago is now being foretold to be most productive in 2017. Adding this new chapter into your marketing strategy can come for a cost but would return a lot more.

Here are the reasons why we state Video marketing imperative in 2K18.

Video Marketing Results in Great SEO

video marketing results in great seo

SEO is important for business, right? Now, one of the biggest reasons that Videos can boost your SEO is that the Google owns the Youtube. So the giant search engine is completely in love with videos. Pages with videos have more than 50 percent chances of better ranking than the ones without. Such a handy tool for ranking it can be.

Excellent Mobile experience

Video marketing gives excellent mobile experience

We already know that mobile users love to watch videos. The Internet is better than ever, and people can view videos on the go. Also, mobile usage is increasing day by day. Within just a year, mobile video access went up four folds. That is a signal. The world today is mobile first, and video is its center.

Better Sales

video marketing results in better sales

Videos demonstrate your product in a healthier way. You can tell your users all the what(s), how(s), and why(s) of your product through a video. This information come handy to make them decide whether to buy a product or not. People love to watch a product performing before they buy it. Moreover, it grabs people who are too lazy to read a product description. A major portion of people viewing a product video decides to buy it. So videos can boost up your sales.

How to Promote Your Business

Promising Returns

And ultimately what matters for a business to embrace a marketing tactic is the ROI. Yes, videos are more costly than other forms of content marketing but what makes it a must have is the higher ROI. If an expensive investment can return you multiples as revenue, it becomes your best option. If you can create videos on your own, you can even lessen the investment.

There was a time when the Video Marketing was a costly and less beneficial pursuit Now with the rise of the video-philic audience; it’s the best form of marketing this year. If you miss it, you are missing on a lot.

Varun Choudhary

Varun Choudhary

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