The Curious case of Jobs versus Startup

startup vs job

What career path suits best for you ?

Job or startup? It might be a very common question arising in your mind when you complete your graduation and want to start your career. Thinking from every aspect, 4 out of 5 times you will come with a solution to choose a corporate job over startup, but there are some factors which give you a reason to think over your decision again and then make the right choice. Though corporate jobs offer you a safe and secure career option most of the time, there is a whole lot of thing which you can gain by joining a startup besides safety and security. For safety and security can be achieved only through your work.


Here are some reasons which will help you to make the right choice when you get stuck between a job and a startup:

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  1. Exposure

Startup job comes with a great offer that it provides more exposure to you and your work than a corporate job. You’ll have more opportunities in your hand when you work for a startup company. It is because when less number of people is involved in some work, then more opportunities are given to every individual working for it. Opportunities help you grow faster, whether you cash on them or not is completely different. Your success gives you encouragement to work more, and your failure gives you the experience to work better.

  1. Responsibilities

When opportunities strike your door, you become more alert to work better for it. And when you are working for a big company, you’ll face various people equally talented as you are and to prove yourself among a bunch of brainy people is a tough job to do. Your responsibilities increase to prove yourself, and you work at a double frequency. While working for a startup, though you need to strive hard to survive in the market, you are bound to a bunch of responsibilities and nothing more than that. And responsibilities make you deal with tough situations easily. So working with loads of responsibilities could sometimes be beneficial for yourself.

  1. You’ll be the reason for the changes

Every action has a reaction and this applies to your work as well. Your work will affect your company for sure, be it good or bad. Your company will rise when you achieve something even if it’s your smallest achievement. You’ll be happy to contribute to the success of your company. On the other hand, if you make any mistake your company will have to suffer along with you. Because of this, you work more carefully and more accurately.

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  1. Working on Scales

One more advantage of working for a corporate job is to get to work on a large scale at the very beginning of your career. Be the company small or big, but the difference of working scales between a corporate job and a startup job is always visible. Working at a corporate job teaches you about how to work on large scale, and with that, you get to work under some expert’s guidance which turns beneficial for you. While working for a startup company, you have to start everything from scratch, and you need to establish everything by yourself without any guidance and any support. Since it’s good to work everything by yourself but what’s bad when you get expert guidance and support? Then chances of getting failed in your work reduce by half so why not go for this option?

  1. You’ll experience the difference between quantity and quality

Well, this is a very clear point when we differentiate between a corporate job and a startup job. We all know why people go for brands products than the same products available at cheap rates. It is because brand products come with quality service. It does not mean that startup services do not provide quality service, but a big company knows what their customers expect and what quality service they need to provide and hence they are always ahead of a startup company. Whereas working for a startup company would force you to work in bulk and you may even end up neglecting the quality of your services sometimes since your only target at that time might be setting your feet in the marketplace.

  1. You’ll experience leadership

It is a great benefit you get while working for a startup company. Within a short time span, you get to lead a team and guide the members according to you. Through this, you can learn good leadership qualities and accelerate your career at a faster pace. On the contrary, you have to wait and wait for a long time to lead a team having members in a single digit in a corporate job. It is not your fault or not that you are not deserving for leading a team, this happens because some people have a lot of experience than you in a big company.

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  1. You’ll be the part of “scratch to rich” journey

It feels amazing when you are the part of making something big from nothing. It happens only because you believed in it and worked harder to make it happen. It’s larger than working for a project, presenting it to the clients and succeeding in it. You are actually building a company, a company of your choice, a company of your plans and a company of your dreams.

So, these are the differences between a startup and a corporate job. Go on and choose your option wisely.

Got any more pointers to help decide the Career path? Feel free to share your views in comments