India will Strike Unannounced: Rajnath On Krishna Ghati Beheadings

Rajnath warns pak

It’s payback time ..

The Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh isn’t confined to just condemnation now. Assuring the residents a massive retaliation to the Krishna Ghati beheadings of Indian soldiers, Rajnath hints a serious and immediate action.

The Indian Minister wants people not to suppose that “nothing is happening.” Mr. Singh on Monday while speaking to media on the recent massacres said the government is serious about such events. He stated that the Narendra Modi government would not let the countrymen hang their heads in shame. He further said that the government would react without any comments.

Mr. Singh was quoted saying, “Bol ke nahin karengey, karke dikhayengey (we will not announce it in advance, we will do it).”

The minister appealed people not to think that the government is silent. He says such actions demand preparations. A short while earlier, the current BJP government led a successful surgical strike against the Pakistan. That was one proof that the government is potent for such actions. Mr. Rajnath Singh says even that strike needed around 15-20 days of preparations. So he wants people not to take them as a dormant unit.

Mr. Singh further claimed that the government feels all the hurts and pains of the countrymen. He said, “I can say this much for now that we will not allow our countrymen to hang their heads in shame. There is a pain in our hearts, but we will not allow that pain to continue for a long time.”

When asked whether the Indian army should again cross the LOC to punish the neighbor, Mr. Singh refused to answer vocally. He says people who brag don’t do things. He claims to do things unannounced. Next, when asked about the timing of the Indian retaliation, Mr. Singh just said, ‘prateeksha kijiye.” Although he wants people to wait, his emotions suggested that the wait would soon be over.

Home Minister further said that the brutal assassination of Ummer Fayaz has been painful for the whole country. He was a role model to the youth of Kashmir valley. He then also expressed his concerns over the issue of Maoists in the country. As per his claims, the number of Maoist surrenderers went up by 450 percent and their activities are down by about 45 percent.