How to Look Pretty without Makeup

look pretty without makeup

bring the best of your beauty with natural methods

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Every face has its glow. Makeup just intensifies it. But you can look pretty even without it. The following tips suggest you how to look pretty without makeup.

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1) Eat healthy, Look Beautiful

eat healthy look beautiful

Your body should be physically healthy and toned. You should eat a healthy diet. For a healthy skin and glowing face, nutritious diet is vital. Avoid oily food. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits daily which provides you with vitamins that are ingredients of fresh skin.

2) Exercise and respite

morning exercise

Exercising is one of the most important things. You can go for cardio exercises, walking, swimming, etc.

Resting re-energises your body. It refreshes you. You have to ensure that you get sufficient sleep at night because a dearth of it can impact your facial beauty. It causes dark eye bags under your eyes, and you look tired and worn out. You must take eight hours of sleep each night or more depending on your body.

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3) Vitamin C

vitamin c

Vitamin C has some advantages for your skin. Vitamin C is one of the best ingredients to look pretty natural. Citrus juice purifies your body by flushing out toxins that make your skin look dry and reduces the sensitivity of your beautiful skin. A nice cup of Vitamin C in the morning can lessen the number of free radicals in your body allowing the skin to stay fresh and natural.

4) Reduce your makeup

reduce makeup go natural

Do not use makeup profusely. It has harmful effects on your skin, and its texture becomes uneven. Take care of the health of your skin.
Wash your face with cold water every morning 2-3 times a day which will increase the natural glow in your skin. Also, use facial masks at least two times a week and make it a routine practice. If you can maintain the natural look of your skin, you need not rely on cosmetics.

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5) Tame your eyebrows

tame your eyebrows

Take care of your eyebrows. If your eyebrows are over plucked and look thin, grow them to make them thick.
To do this, you can use natural coconut and olive oil on your eyebrows and do this regularly every morning. Once they are healthy, try to give them a beautiful shape with the help of a beautician.

If your eyebrows are too light, you can try out a brow colouration which is not permanent. It will make your face look attractive.

6) Lips


Lips become cracked and dried up easily with the changing weather. You should pay particular attention to maintaining their natural look, colour, and shape.

Use a moisturizer daily to keep your lips hydrated. You can also wear sunscreen for them if you are going to expose yourself to the sun for a long time. Make it a practice to give a gentle massage to your lips every evening before going to bed.

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7) Take care of your hair

take care of your hair

Wash your hair regularly and make sure they are always clean. Choose a tube of shampoo that suits your hair type and combine it with a good conditioner. Ensure to give your hair regular oil treatments and use hair masks. Try deep conditioning your hair once a week.

8) Haircut


A proper haircut enhances the beautiful features of your face and can make that difference you need direly. Select a hairstyle which is attractive and suits your face. Consult your hairdresser if you are in doubt.

9) Lemon and hot water

Lemon and hot water

Take a cup of hot water with lemon every morning. You will soon notice a difference in your skin. It awakens your senses and flushes out toxins present in your body. It acts as a purifying filter and hence lessens the risk of skin sensitivity. Also, make sure you drink sufficient water throughout the day and keep yourself hydrated.

10) Skin Scrub

skim scrub

Applying it two times a week can open up the skin pores and ensure your skin cells breaths proper. If you don’t scrub your face, the dead and lifeless skin on your face becomes vague and loses its shine because of a poor reflection of light.

One of the best ways to ensure that your skin looks free of dirt and dullness is to exfoliate. Exfoliation treatment is simple and works to remove the dead cells of the skin that can dull the shine of your skin. It blocks the skin pores and even causes acne breakouts.

11) Put your hands away

put your hands away

People usually have a habit of touching their faces and skin all day long. This practice damages your skin as it is quite delicate and more susceptible to wear and tear. Whenever you rub your eyes, pick at pimples and dark blemishes, pull the face’s skin or rest your face on hand, you deliberately cause minor tears in your skin. These cracks can lead to wrinkles in future. So you should stop touching your face needlessly.

12) Drink Water

drink more water

Water enhances the flexibility of your skin and hydrates it. Make sure that you drink eight glasses of water every day. Drinking water is extremely emphasized to keep your skin fresh and hydrated. Water also removes toxins from your blood so that your skin will look fresh and new.

13) Wash Your Face Every Day

wash you face every day

Wash your face in the morning as well as at night. Wash your face preferably two times but not more than that. Excess washing will create irritation on your skin. Use a face wash, anti-ageing creams and cleanser and a facial moisturizer.

14) Take care of pimples

take care of your pimples

Try out moisturizers, sun blocks, and non-pore blocking makeup. Figure out spot creams for your skin and facial gels like benzoyl peroxide which can take care of pimples. If these products don’t help in removing pimples, then consult an expert dermatologist. He will prescribe you a medicated cream to help you get rid of pimples fast.

15) Stay away from junk food

stay away from junk food

Stop eating junk food. It causes many health problems. Stop having sodas too. Try to incorporate fruity milkshakes, juices into your daily routine. Have a lot of fruits and vegetables. It will enrich the beauty of your skin and maintains the healthy functioning of your body. Take a balanced diet full of nutrition, vitamins, proteins, etc. Drink green tea. It combats the toxins in your body and purifies it from deadly toxins.

16) Love yourself

Love Yourself to look beautiful

Believe that you have your natural beauty and charisma. Do not feel shy or under-confident among people whom you think to be beautiful.

Your confidence will enhance your body gestures and strengthen your demeanour. This confidence ultimately imparts a victorious glow to your face. Try to smile every time you look at yourself in the mirror. Make smile a part of your personality. It makes you look beautiful and confident.

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