[Magic] Time To Pause The Never Ending Race Called Life

Key To Stress Free Life

Life Is not a race, its time you understand what’s really important and make time for it

Stop. Relax. Take in a deep breath and now slowly… breathe out. Feeling better? I am guessing yes.

Independent research articles claim if this simple exercise is repeated for a considerable number of times during the day and during the course of our work, a word like “stress” won’t exist in the English dictionary.

I have an uncanny hobby to notice people and their behaviour during my daily travelling route to office. And from my observation, most of the people I try and study appear to be dull and sleepy- early in the morning.

This is applicable for both men and women, young and old. Most look as if they are still in perpetual sleep. In addition, we are aware that life is not a bed of roses. But people tend to forget their health and compromise it in order to attain multiple things within a short span of time.

Of course, contemporary world is a robust world, and one has to keep with the pace!

The not so inspiring trend:

Have you ever noticed how over the years the number of people— belonging to the age bracket of 35 to 45 years— have been falling sick more often than was the scene around a few decades back?

Work pressure, peer pressure and the constant nagging thought to achieve something in life has only bred trouble for us and our health pattern. Maintaining work life balance and giving valuable time to family, are the two most crucial keys to leading a happy and prosperous lifestyle. For this work life balance to work out, it is essential to preserve and sustain healthy relationships with people in both our personal and professional life. Also, by giving extra care and time to family, we only ensure that after a tiring and stressful day at work, our family members then act as our biggest source of love and support. Here I have compiled certain easy tips to follow for leading a better lifestyle

Practice personal hygiene:

Wash regularly and maintain balanced meals throughout the day. Your body needs a constant dose of nutrients to sustain regular activities. Also, drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. Water forms seventy per cent of your body weight and is crucial for carrying out all the metabolic activities.

Physical fitness and mental health

Practice yoga and breathing exercises early in the morning. Ayurvedic practices and meditation help calm the mind and soul. This also contributes towards clearing your mind and providing a focus in life.

Talk your heart out

share your experiences and problems with your family and near and dear ones. Sorting out the issues and stressful situations faced helps to remain cheerful and happy.

To sum it all in a small nutshell, the pointers towards a healthier lifestyle includes your daily well being and keeping yourself alive with your family and loved ones. Remain content with what life offers and beam with a buoyant smile. Life will appear more radiant and sunny, and your lifestyle will also grace with the beauty of the world.

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