Make Your Road Trips Better With These Tips

make your roadtrips better with these safety tips

All set for your upcoming road trip?

Well, our current work life has been so straining that people crave for a road trip with friends or a solo excursion quite often. But travelling isn’t something done on an impulse. Whether you are backpacking around the world or just taking your car for a drive, you need to take care of your safety on the road.
And here are a few safety tips for the road trip next weekend –

Tune-up your car

Among the first things to do when driving long distances is to have your car get checked a few days ago. Even if you got it serviced last month, take it to the garage again. Make a checklist if you know your car or hand it to the mechanic for a thorough check.

Just ensure that the fluid levels are at par, your brakes and tires brimming with joy, and the spare isn’t punctured.
Keep the safety kit ready

To have a safe road trip, you need to keep an emergency kit at hand. Apart from general medicines and painkilling sprays, also keep a first aid kit ready. Even if you have gauges and bandages, a few Band-Aids won’t harm. Check it all before packing.

Have the updated maps

Doesn’t matter how good your mobile network is or how accurate Google Maps is, they may fail. The network signal may drop in the far-off places, and even the GPS can lose you. So, keep a detailed paper map of the roads, or save maps offline. Here WeGo (Android | iOS) is a great app for offline maps. Update it at regular intervals.

Plan your stops

One of the best safety tips for road trips is to know where to stop. But how often should you stop? Well, if the ride is long, plan where you would be stopping during the trip. Even if you don’t know the route in advance, make a rule to take a break every 3-4 hour just to stretch your legs.

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Get your sleep

We all know how exhaustive road trips can become for the driver as well as co-passengers. So, charge yourself before taking your vehicle on-road. 7-8 hours of sleep before hitting the road is the bare minimum to be pumped up.

Stay hydrated

By hydration, I don’t mean fueling yourself up with alcohol. It won’t be a great idea when it comes to safety during road trips. Instead, drink plenty of water during the trip. Maintaining the water levels of your body reduces many health complexities and drowsiness too.

Deck up your music collection

Music is a neat way to increase concentration. But don’t plan to rely on the local radio stations. They may or may not be working everywhere. Instead, load up your mobile or USB drive with your favourite beats. They will keep your mind active.

And… expect the unexpected

This would be one of the best road trip safety tips. You may be alone in the car, but there are other people around. You may be a professional driver, but the others on the highway might not be. You may have prepared well for your trip, but what if the car behind you hits you.
He/she might not have got proper sleep, you never know.
So, be alert. And if you aren’t, take the vehicle off-road for a while. Also, try to share driving responsibilities with co-passengers. It would be a lot more fun for all who joined you for the trip.
Now, put your seatbelts on!

Abhijeet Kumar

Abhijeet Kumar

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