What makes your cousin your best friend?

cousins are best childhood friends

If friends are the family without a blood relation probably, cousins are friends within a family.

You have sisters, soul sisters, best friends, and then you have a cousin who is much like you and yet you are different and that makes you her friend more than anyone else. Be it how stupid your family could get or be it your breakup stories, you know your cousin is not going to judge and perhaps that is because you both belong to the same feel of life. Therefore, what makes your cousin you first best friend?

1. Your childhood

childhood with cousins

Much before your real life best friend could enter your life, your cousin was there already to share the childhood with you. Be it some insanely weird games or some idiotically cooked up stories, be it late night prank calls or summer holiday trips… Every ounce of your childhood was shared with your loving cousin.

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2. Family trips

family trips with cousins

Remember those monotonous pilgrimage trips that your family dragged you into? And you joined in only because at least your cousin was there to accompany you? Yes! That is right, every boring family trip was fun if only your cousin was around you to enjoy.

3. No sense of envy

cousins don't have envy

Even your best friend might end up envying you at some point in time perhaps but your cousin would certainly never envy you. She/he is always going to admire you for your success and empathy you for your failures.

4. Same family problems

cousins have same family issues

There are some family crises that you cannot share it out openly with anyone but your cousin and that is mainly because your cousin is your family too and certainly, he/she shares the same stance as you do.

5. Exchanging wardrobes

cousins exchange clothes

This is the best part of being with a cousin of same age and size. For girls, it is always a godly crisis when it comes to what to wear and that is when your cousin’s wardrobe comes to the rescue. *wink*

6.Cousin won’t abandon you

cousins stand for you

Friends turn out to get busy with them and then there are instances when you absolutely lose every point of contact with them. However, being a part of your family, your cousin would never abandon you at any cost because they just cannot.

7. Inside jokes

inside jokes cousins

Being born in one family, you must have seen the same set of awkward relatives and that is why you both end up sharing the same inside jokes that you can laugh upon for years altogether

8. You do not need to impress them

Your cousin is a member of your family and that is why you never feel a requirement of impressing your cousin, which generally happens with your friends. You can easily be what you are minus those branded clothes, makeup and so on.

If friends are the family without a blood relation probably, cousins are friends within a family. Tag your friend and let them know how you feel about them!

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