The best part of one’s life is their childhood, where we live life to its fullest. A weighted school bag, too much homework to be done, strict school rules, disciplined teachers and the cherry on the cake was your parents scolding you now and then. Even having these little difficulties which appeared to be huge at that time, we, however, found some time to celebrate every bit of life without any worry.

Be it watching our favorite cartoons in our spare time, playing cricket with our friends, collecting different tattoos which came free with a bubble gum, peeling off dried fevicol, reading comics, playing hide & seek, cycling around the town or helping mom on a Sunday morning just to get your favorite food for lunch, when we think of these moments of our life they always leave a sweet smile on our face.

As day by day, our life changes so does our priorities. Being a child, you always wanted to grow up quickly. And now an adult in you wants to be a child again. You always miss having a number of best friends in childhood. Growing up gradually decreases the number of your best friends. And losing friends as we grow up is the sad reality of life. The main reason behind this is: being an adult you completely forget a child present in you. But “childhood is never gone until you let it go”. The child in you slowly gets lost under the responsibilities of the adult you.

Never forget that your family and friends are the only people with whom you can be yourself. Always remember that you are never too old to sleep in your mother’s lap. Your father will never judge you if you go running towards the door when he returns from work. Those crazy pillow fights for the remote control, sleeping with granny’s fairy tales and then dreaming of something you wished to become are the moments which you will always cherish in your life. Since running paper boats in the water, catching the dragonfly which we used to call ‘helicopter’, to have the stone skimping competition or catching the butterflies down the road of your colony could be a bit awkward for the adults to do, but do have some quality time with your close friends with whom you share your childhood memories and grown-up dreams. Because these are the only people, who respect you for who you are and what you are.


Big people face big problems. This is because they forget the way they used to tackle with their problems in childhood. Dig out the solutions of your childhood problem and apply it here. Your problem may reduce to half. Though life changes everything around us, it can never change the child in you. It can never create a difference between a child you were and an adult you are. The only thing which changes with time is your state of mind. Growing up doesn’t force you to forget your childhood. You are the one who allows the child to you to die day by day. And at the end you miss your childhood, you miss being a child.

On the contrary, I suggest you never to eject your childhood from your adulthood. Live your life just like the criss-cross game which might be the only game from your childhood that you still can play. Sometimes you win and the other time you lose. Blow the bubbles of your tensions and worries, go and chase them and just burst them out.

Because life is too short and you only live once. So bring out the child in you and enjoy being a child ones again.