Networking : The magical wand of business

benefits of networking

what cannot be achieved through networking? your network is your biggest asset

We often get to know someone and they hand us over their business card; sometimes these business cards appear to be of no use while other times they actually seem to be a ray of hope. This common business practise of exchanging business cards, socialising in a formal event or connecting with more individuals from the aspects of networking.

Networking is a common practice that is followed in the business in order to grow and bring in efficiency in the work. There is a common quote that goes well with the networking – “You don’t need to know everything, you just need to know the right people to do the right things.” Networking in business acts as a bridge that takes you from one end to the another, from problem to the solution, from a need to the fulfiller. There are various ways in which entrepreneurs tend to sprawl their networks. One of the major reasons why networking is a significant facet of the business is that it makes you meet the right kind of the people who can later become an asset to the organization in the long run.

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1.Benefits of being friends

– Making friend is a natural human tendency and networking tends to push us towards it. In business, it is vital to have friends because you never know what kind of help with is required when. People whom you meet through such networking most probably tend to share the same level of passion towards work like the one you do which is why they become much better versed with your emotional and psychological conditions.


2. Experienced advice

– Yes, it is true that Google can answer most of the questions hat swarm into your mind but an undeniable fact is that nothing beats a real-time experience. Forming a network brings you close to people; these are those people who share some of the great pieces of advice with you. This network helps you to remain on track and have a constant check on yourself and your business.

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– Networking is highly recommended when you are looking out for business opportunities. Most of the times it so happens that networking provides a major opportunity to the entrepreneur. If you managed to choose the right kind of network, chances of growth increase.



4.Positive attitude

– A good network will always push you towards innovation and persisting efforts. A network always acts on providing a constructive criticism of your work for the future betterment and motivates you to do more. When you surround yourself from ‘doers’ like yourself, you inculcate a positive attitude of their influence on you automatically.

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5.Helping hand –

Whether you need more likes on your page or ideas to gain traffic, you can always approach your network for assistance. The best part of networking is that it assists you in the tasks you want it to without even expecting any monetary returns. They may not solve your problem entirely but they can help you in facing it.

While forming networks can turn out to be one of the best moves of yours at the same time choosing the right kind of network is crucial. Often your network makes or breaks your business.

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