People who do not Dream die early

dream big. never stop dreaming

Whether it happen’s or not is only a worth question if you dare to dream about it first

After a certain age, we begin to realise that somehow our wants and demands often end up exceeding our needs. While there is nothing wrong with aiming high or wanting more, the only cause of concern is how are you reacting to it. Many people among the crowd sow a seed of their dreams right in their heart and allow it to grow and finally drive them towards the road where this dream becomes the destination. Your dream could vary right from packing your bag and visiting London to starting your own business, right from buying your dream car to taking not needing to see the price tag. Dreams do come in all shapes and sizes, however, what should remain significantly constant is – THE DREAM AND THE DREAMER.

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So, why is it never too late to dream?

Dreams drive you

Dreams drive

What resides, as an utmost aspect of our life is the purpose. Why are you going is far more important than why. Dreams answer all the why(s). As I said, your life needs a purpose and dreams are that purposes. Perhaps you do not have a purpose now but maybe 50 years down the line you decide upon your dream and chase it.

It might come true

dreams can always come true

We dream what we want the most, isn’t it? Therefore, if you dream and work towards its achievement I a positive way, there are higher chances of it coming true. Now that is exactly why we do dream isn’t it. So start dreaming, it might just come true.

It satisfies your inner self

inner self

Having a goal to look at and completing it successfully gives you an inner level of peace. These monetary benefits are transit but what remains to be constant is the satisfaction that you reward yourself when you run after a dream that you have always seen.

Let you grow

Wise men preach that- it is only when you get out of your comfort zone you tend to grow. Think about the days when an aim or a dream drove you crazy to an extent that you began to seek help from people you never thought you would talk to, you began to work until the time of the night that you never thought you would, you began to receive appreciation that you thought you would never earn. Dreaming leads, us to finding out ways of fulfilling it that is the place where we leave our zone of comfort and grow.

Rejuvenates positivity

Your desires and hopes bundled in the form of your dreams can permit a level of positivity in your life. People who often dream about their future and constantly strive to fulfil it are more confident. Nothing overtakes, the joy of seeing yourself overwhelmed with the belief that you put into yourself.

Stay focused

No matter what age of life are you counting into, keeping it focused is vital especially if you are into your youth. When you have a dream nurtured well right in your head and heart, your focus primarily never goes off the track! Dreaming keeps you focused in the long run and there are no two ways about it.

The feel of joy

Nothing is worthwhile than being able to see your dream right in front of you. The joy of being able to inspire someone and getting inspired alongside is what makes your life worthwhile. A dream in your vision makes this feeling of joy an everlasting one.

Proving them wrong

Remember all those who said you cannot do it? Yes! The only way to prove them incorrect is to follow your dream restlessly.

Reason to be proud of

The feeling of fulfilment that you would certainly award yourself once you make it come true is incomparable. Imagine, you finally own the house that you always dreamed of or probably you finally visited the dream destination of yours… isn’t there a sense of pride involved? How long are you going to be proud of someone else, someday you need to pat yourself too?

Life is short

Life is too short to waste it on meaningless issues or unproductive aspects. When you have a dream to follow you make your life larger… no matter how many years of your life is left, what counts is the feel of fulfilment.

Something to share

Think about your future generations… all the lessons that you will end up learning in the quest for making your dream come true, all those failures and success that you would face, all the people who would encourage or discourage you and lastly all those moments and feelings of achievements – everything is worth sharing.

Keeps the negativity away

There is no scarcity of negativity around us, whether it is in the form of people, places or feelings. Negative vibes or thoughts can end up destroying your focus and peace of mind. When you madly run behind your dreams, the amount of concentration keeps you away from those negative thoughts, which works in your favour.

Enhances your personality

Going behind a dream convinces us to step into another world that is full of opportunities and ideas. We begin to capture opportunities with confidence, add knowledge to our skills and eventually, this leads to the development of our personality.

All of us often do dreaming however what separates the dreamers from the doers is the fact that how do they act upon their dreams. Having a dream and nurturing it until the very end, enhances you as a person and those who do not have a dream are birds with broken wings. Keep dreaming about your future, and shape it within your thoughts. Once you begin to act upon it there should not be any looking back. Remember, the only thing that probably hinders you from achieving your dreams is your mindset and nothing else is capable enough of overcoming your willpower.

Shweta Suvarna

Shweta Suvarna

A media student and aspiring writer. Loves to talk, observe and know people. Not entirely an extrovert, neither a hardcore introvert. Self driven and self motivated individual who seeks for nothing more than growth. "Be you own flame, even if it burns a little"