No Bra Day- lose your breast support to support breast cancer awareness

no bra day

Do you really need them ? Let’s find out

Ladies! It’s October 13th, the No Bra Day. You will get suggestions to head out without your bras and support the cause. You would question what difference it makes losing the brassiere for a day.

Whole of the October is a Breast Cancer Awareness month and 13th is the day to let loose. The real purpose of the day is to spread awareness of this deadly illness. It’s just for having a day where you can check your twins up for any signs of such disease.

Nobody knows who started the event and who suggested a braless day. But the thing is that the event is for a good cause. Nobody can tell you to wear your bra or not to wear it. It’s entirely your choice. But losing your chest grabbers have real advantages in the long run.

Here are the reasons why you must get rid of your bras for better.

#1 Breast Health

Bra has negative impact on breast Health

It is a common belief that the bras are good for breasts. They don’t let them be saggy. But a study on 330 women between 18 to 25 years at the University of Besancon differs. Results show an uplift of 0.3 inches in the nipples of the ladies that gave up their bras compared to others who didn’t.

Jean-Denis Rouillon who led the study said that your bra does nothing good to your breasts. Rather bras have adverse effects. You can have healthier boobs by letting it the natural gravity. Bras disturb the blood circulation and result in premature sagging. Setting the breasts free encourages collagen production and elasticity.

#2 The Discomfort

The discomfort bra causes

A bra can be like someone grabbing your breasts so tight so that they are denied any breath. These cause extreme distress. You must be hating all that back pains and the red strap marks. It even makes your breasts nearly succumb to death for the amount of pressure it applies. If your breasts were humans, they would have died by now. Get the hell out of your bras and feel the comfort.

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#3 Expenses

different types of bra. more expenses

Being a girl is not a cheap job. You as a lady have your mounting expenses. A girl in her life spends a fortune on hygiene products, tampons, panty liners, pain relievers, etc. They then spend more on their hair, makeup and other personal grooming. The feminine products are by default priced higher.
Letting go off your bra can ease you of at least some of the stresses. You don’t have to shop for those various kinds of bras with different price tags for some occasions. You won’t need a complete set of bras to let you be okay through the week and then shop the whole set again when the previous one is worn out. Take it easy and lose your bra.

#4 Your perfect size doesn’t exist

Your perfect bra size doesn't exist

If the cups fit you, the straps ditch you and drop down. If you choose best-fitted straps, you lose the game in the size of the cup. Even if by any luck, you find both good, the bra crashes your boobs to make them fit in its cups.
The lingerie models you see wearing perfect bras is not what most of you get. Different girls have different sized and shaped breasts, and bras don’t just support them. The bras compel your breasts to make them fit in the cups. Perfect bra size is seldom there.

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#5 It’s about your choice

wearing a bra or not should be your choice not a custom

All you ladies deserve a choice. You have all the rights to stay the way you feel better. Get yourself freed from those straps and wires and feel the difference. Then make your choice.
Not all the ladies may feel it better without bras. But, the advantages that it offers make it worth a shot. The point is a bra, not a compulsion as it seems. You have your options.

#6 It’s also about your pride

it's about your pride

Society today has senseless definitions of a beautiful woman. All the advertisements show thin women with voluptuous breasts. It seems impossible to have such assets, but the society thinks that’s what beauty is all about. This sometimes makes the girls with different breast shapes and sizes inferior. They believe that lack the beauty in them. They think wrong.

As a girl, the question is about your pride. You must be happy with what you have and must embrace it as the real beauty. Your breasts don’t define you, and you don’t have to tie them thinking that they are ugly. Every girl is beautiful in her way. Take pride in yourself.

So we don’t endorse any suggestion of letting go or keeping intact with your bras this 13th October. We just support a day of breast checkups to ensure your safety from breast cancer. We have highlighted the advantages of letting go of your bras, but the choice is always yours. No society can take away your freedom from you.
Stay free Stay healthy.

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