How To Not Get Fat While Eating Full

How to not get fat while eating full

Stay in shape without having to stay hungry..!!

What? Not get fat while eating full? This statement might appear too good to be true. But you’ll be amazed to know that this too good is true for sure. There are some foods out there which no matter what amount you eat don’t make you gain the pounds. You can eat these up to your will without undermining your fitness goals. Plus, there are other health benefits as well.

So here are eight foods that experts recommend to eat whatever amount without endangering your shape.


Celery - not get fat while eating full

It can be surprising to you that celery cuts more calories than you gain from it. You can also call it a negative-calorie food. It is so because you consume a high amount of calories while you digest this veg. Yes, the amount may vary from person to person and genes to genes. One thing that’s clear that you can eat as much of it and still be losing weight.

Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers - not get fat while eating full

Bell peppers are another member of the league of foods that won’t let you gain weight. Eat them in any form, and up to any amount, there’s a zero risk of gaining weight. You can have them fried, slice them up, fill them with stuff, or any other way you love. The promise is intact. You won’t gain any pounds.


Kale - not get fat while eating full

Kale has numerous benefit. It is one food that you just can’t overlook or underrate. We have several examples where eating a lesser amount of Kale results in obesity. On the other hand, eating more and more of it is beneficial. These kinds of vegetable in high amount lessen your calorie intake for the day.


Broccoli - not get fat while eating full

Cruciferous vegs are great low-calorie foods. Brocolli is one of the bests when you talk about zero calorie foods. Broccoli is high in fiber and that’a what makes it a food that makes you feel full longer. Eat it in any form; it assures to suit your health goals. Additionally, broccoli is high on cancer-fighting phytochemicals. Would you ask for anything more?

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Purple vegetables are always packed with loads of benefits to your heart’s health. And the purple cabbage is no exception. Eat it fried, or as a salad, it cuts on your daily needs of hopping on the foods again and again. The vegetable is fuller and curbs your daily intake of calories.


cauliflower - not get fat while eating full

Cauliflower can be a great option to snack on it in raw form. You can also add some taste to it by frying and cooking, but that can make it a bit more on calories. Never mind, whatever form you choose, it promises not to make you fat. Steaming your cauli up and adding some herbs, spices, and lemon to flavour is the best you can get. That takes care of both taste and benefits.

Cherry Tomatoes

cherry tomatoes - not get fat while eating full

Now, cherry tomatoes are the only fruits to feature in the list. Tomatoes are the fruits that are lowest in calories. So skip on other fruits and stuff yourself with tomatoes everytime you feel a desire for fresh fruit. This would be your best low-sugar high benefits fruit.

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spinach - not get fat while eating full

Spinach can be your best bet if you are regular at the gym. The green leafy vegetables are always trustworthy, and it doesn’t get any better than spinach. While you break your cells to build muscles, spinach can be the saviour to repair your body. The green veggie is very low in calories as well.


SO eat these foods to till your tummy demands and take your fitness game a notch up.