Open communication – an integral aspect for the functioning of the business

open communication

Communication opens path to limitless opportunities

Communication is one of the reasons why Homo sapiens survived on the face of the earth giving birth to the humanity that further led to the evolution. Similarly, for the smoother flow of the organization communication becomes highly important.
In the day-to-day activities, thousands are things communicated to hundreds of employees but there are some elements that should be primarily communicated to your workforce no matter what. Some of the worst failures are caused due to the lack of communication flowing from both the ends.

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    – It is natural for a company to be hit with crises every now and then and sometimes the crises turn out to be a little graver. Whatever be the crises, in order to keep the company together it is best to inform your employees. More often than not, an informed employee is not less than an asset to the company which is why it is vital to talk to your employees about the crises that a company is facing.



    – While a lot is communicated from higher-level management to the lower level management, it is important to turn it another way round once in a while. Constantly allowing your employees to share their grievances, complaints, feedbacks and suggestions make them feel wanted in the organization which leads to an immense amount of loyalty towards the organization.



    – It is true that each employee of each department has a monthly and annually target to achieve. However, as an owner of the company it is vital for him to share the company’s goals and target with the employees occasionally. It is believed that the productivity increases if the employees begin to identify their goals in the company’s goals.

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    – When an employee is hired in your organization, you actually add a family member in the family of your company. Hence, if there is any blunder that I caused by the company itself then do not think twice about communicating it to the members of your family. If you communicate them and keep them informed, they would definitely corporate and support you further.



    – Whether you are planning for expansion or opting for contraction, it is your duty to keep your employees aware about your plans and steps. It makes them understand where the company is heading and how can their efficacy contribute to the betterment of the company. Keeping them briefed about the plans and ongoing ideas in the business just makes you more credible in their eyes.

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