Reasons Why People Today Love The Idea Of Freelancing

Why People lOve Freelancing

Because there is so much more beyond a 9-6 job

Ask them, and they say they would prefer freelancing over a corporate job. More than 60 per cent of the freelancers today believe that they are better off with freelancing no matter what offer they get. Most of these contract workers have worked a lot and both in organisations and as freelancers.

They find their peace here

The freelancing world has a huge number of web and app developers. Not only that, it’s a league of the most experienced and talented developers available. They have worked for Intel, Accenture and many other companies where people dream to get a fit. They still went on to opt for full time freelancing and are much at ease and pleasure.

A question pops up. Why are people running behind such an unstable career track when they have the choice of a secure job. Reasons are many. Let’s have a peek into some of the reasons as told by the people in the job themselves.

Freelancing breaks that Bumbledom

A lot of these people get badly hurt by the bureaucracy they met in the big powerhouse companies. This kind of atmosphere is the primary downing reason for many of those productive employees. Many don’t find pleasure in such an environment and finding their way out often meet freelancing.

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It is also about creative liberty

Many of the dedicated resources want to focus more on their work than just meeting the deadlines. They have creative ideas, and when they try to do something different, the company applies brakes. A job is always going to limit you in a circle, and won’t let you cross that. Anything that doesn’t fit the model of the employer won’t be allowed. People who demand more liberty aren’t pleased with the system and turn their room into a cubicle and work for themselves.

Some have an entrepreneurial desire

Sacrificing the independence is not everybody’s cup of tea. Some of them opt for freelancing driven by a desire to be the boss of their own. Living in a hierarchy and following the commands doesn’t suit them and they like to do whatever they feel like. Freelancing gives them their space, and that’s where they work their best.

Pros and cons of working as a freelancer

Freelancing is the most flexible kind of work

Nothing can be more flexible than freelancing. You get to choose your price and working hours as well. You don’t have to take permissions of any deal if you want to vacate. And then, you can take loads of work sometimes and even do nothing at other times. Yu also get to choose the kind of work you love to do and specialise in. Your home is your office and no travelling to work. Who asks it to be more flexible?

Platforms like Toptal are massive

One of the key reasons for people migrating to freelance works is also the rise of some of the greatest freelance work portals. Although some of them lack in providing you with the cream, one that has won the race is Toptal.

Toptal has its way of screening the freelancers, and that’s not a cakewalk. Only 3 per cent of applicants make it through. So in a way, you would be recruited by Toptal before you start getting hired through it. And if picked by Toptal, you work for large clients.

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The negatives

Nothing gives you perfection. So while freelancing gives you almost everything you demand from a job, you also face some issues. Not much to worry, though.

One of the top and enduring issue of the job is the uneven cash flow. Another one is the chance of becoming anti-social. Working most of the time online in your room can deprive you of adequate human interaction. You need to mitigate this issue by frequently taking out time to get social.


Finally, all of the freelancers are happy with their choice. They wanted to and are doing their work in their own ways, and they don’t want to lose that. They have their goals and aren’t striving to contribute an employer to achieve his. Ther are the Freelancers.

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