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The Internet has not been bliss to anyone as much as it has been to freelancers pertaining to the variety of fields. Freelancers are the people who are hired based on projects. They are not entitled to attend the office, incentives provided by the company or monthly salary. They are abiding to work based on mutual trust or contract and be paid for particular projects.

It seems that working as a freelancer is one of the best things that have come up contemporarily at the same time this particular style of working comes with several unseen cons.

  1. A lot of legwork

    – Yes! Since you are not hired to work permanently, there is a humongous amount of legwork involved because you are always left on your own towards the end of the project. You are supposed to search the projects on your own and convince the clients to hire you for the task.


  1. No consistency –

    Being a freelancer is like taking the risk on your own. As stated earlier, you are always left on your own since there is no guarantee that is involved. You might get amazing projects this month and the next month you might find yourself not bagging even one project.


  1. Issues of being cheated

    – Plentiful freelancers end up being cheated by their clients or intermediaries who facilitate their communication with clients and wistfully nobody is held accountable.


  1. Growing competition

    – Currently each field is it the sector of graphic designers, content writers, animators or web designers and so on are loaded with freelancers. This leads to a highly emulative environment making the freelancers settle for a lesser pay because at the end of the day nobody wants to starve.


  1. Deprived of incentives

    – Whenever an organization hired you, apart from the salary that is paid you are entitled to avail several incentives such as pick up, drop facility, provident fund, paid leaves, and so on but a freelancer is destined to avail none of such facilities. There are times when in a quest of projects he or she ends up spending a major chunk of his or her earning in travelling, meeting and so on.


If this makes you pity a freelancer then hold on till you watch out the pros of being a freelancer by choice.


  1. You are your own boss

    – When we said that you are on your own it also implied that you are your own boss. Being a freelancer, you have a freedom to decide which projects to take and which you are not supposed to. You are even privileged to decide your own rules like a boss!


  1. Your profits can shoot up any moment

    – It is true that being a freelancer you need to hunt for clients but at the same time if you got a huge project, you cannot even imagine how much profit you will be able to make.

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  1. Decide your own working hours

    – This is the best part of a freelancer’s life. It is agreed that you do not get to enjoy paid leaves but, at least, you do not need to write a leave application every time you feel like not working. Moreover, being a freelancer, you decide your working hours on your own and there are nothing craps like 9-5 shifts.


  1. Your own worth

    – It is agreed that the competition is neck deep and often you need to bog down with your rates but unlike the 9-5 jobs you get to decide your own price. Owing to your excellent communication skills if you managed to convince a client as to why he or she should pay you more then there is nothing like that.


  1. Ditching the formals

    – Another privilege of opting for a freelancing style of working is that you can work in your pyjamas sitting on your bed with your laptop in front or you can straight away head to your favourite coffee shop and work while sipping in the aroma of your favourite coffee. You will not be forced to wear formals and work sitting in a cubicle or a cabin for 6-7 hours.


Each working style has its pros and cons but if you enjoy your work then these ups and downs turn out to be nothing more than minor issues to you.

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