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With the concept of Make in India grabbing enough attention, we strongly believe that entrepreneurship could be the bright future of India. However, in order to give our semi-backward society a tiny reality check we have brought to you several bang on reasons as to why do we Indians strongly need more of women entrepreneurs.

setting example women entrepreneur

  1. Setting examples

    women entreprenuer setting example

    With so many stereotypes lurking around our Indian society we seriously need strong and independent women to set some classic examples of individuality and break free those stereotypes. We need more and more women to come out of their houses and chase their dreams until it becomes a reality.

  1. Restoring the faith in Neutrality

    Restoring the faith in Neutrality

    Probably having more of female entrepreneurs will restore the faith in the fact that entrepreneurship is for everyone. Being a women entrepreneur, she can definitely understand the day-to-day problems that females go through in their daily lives.

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  1. Balancing the gender bias

    Balancing the gender bias

    Often this stereotype is hugely cradled wherein it is believed that only some of the streams or sectors are meant for women. With a number of female entrepreneurs taking things in their hands, we can successfully overcome this gender-based bias in workspace or industries.

“India ranks 113th out of 135 countries when it comes to gender gap and women entrepreneurs constitute just 10% of the total entrepreneurs in the country.”

  1. More likely to succeed

    women entrepreneurs succeed more often

    Research that was done on the global front reveals that startups that are run by females often end up being more successful. It is believed that women are better in handling finance related risk and generate ideas that are more creative.

  1. Understanding customer perception

    women understand customer perception better

    Another study reveals that women are more likely to handle household and control the majority of spending of the house. This implies that women do have a better sense of understanding when it comes to consumer perceptions in comparison with their male counterparts.

  1. Valuing relationships

    women make make relationships

    When it comes to valuing relationship women tend to be more emotional and understanding. They are more concerned with the well-being of their employees and workers. The factor of compassion definitely comes into picture largely when it comes to women entrepreneurship.


  1. Better per capita income

    – Talking from an economic point of view, if more and more females get into owning a start up, it will lead to the increment in the per capita income of the country.

When we are emphasising on entrepreneurship we must also urge more and more females to take their hands on start up.

“The question isn’t who is going to let me, the question is who is going to stop me?” – AYN R.

Share your views and please do spread the word and let us make this a campaign for #womenEmpowernment

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