WORKING IN A STARTUP: A Lifetime Experience

the startup experience

Working in startup is something no Corporate can give you in decades

As the economy of the country is blooming, we can find numerous start-ups that are mushrooming almost in every corner of the city. When we talk about the startups, it always coincides with innovation, teamwork and most importantly – passion. There is always an argument that whether one should prefer startups or corporate from the job perspective.

Here is our take on why working in a startup could be a lifetime experience


teamwork, working in a startup

Undoubtedly, no startup is a one-man show. It takes an entire team to work upon and idea and executes it. It is agreed that the requirement of teamwork is required in all the organisations, however, what differentiates these organisations from start-up teams is the dependency on each other. In a startup, survival with a team is important, and this is exactly the place where you learn how to cope up with your teammates no matter how much you dislike them. You need to blend and bend to give out the best results.

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media is driven by passion, working in a startup

Passion is the fuel that keeps the startup going. While you work with startups, you will realise how significant it is to keep your passion alive in life. Without craving of work and life, you cannot grow, and this is precisely what every successful and failed to startup would teach you.


leadership opportunities while working in a startup

You will find leaders in corporate and start-ups that are given, however when it comes to starting up the leadership differs. When you see a leader in a startup, you will get to learn what it takes to be a good leader and bind the team in one.

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Lifetime friendships

lifetime friendship you gain from startup

Your monetary void is filled by corporate, but startups tend to give you more than what your monetary needs are. Often while you work at start up, shedding your sweat and brainstorming the ideas, you eventually make some lifelong friends in the process. Friends who believe in going far and together and do not compete with one another.

Ups and downs

Ups and Downs

If life is not enough to teach you lessons then startups are the ones who handle this job. Working in a startup will make you witness some of the life lessons and the ways to cope up with them such as – success and failures, cooperation and betrayal, hard work and passion.

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multitasking, a prime benefit of working in a startup

Startups are the hubs where you learn the lessons on multitasking. You would find the founder giving interviews and managing social media; you would locate the accountant going to client meetings and so on. Start-ups teach you how to wear multiple hats and carry your work on like a pro.

Patience and persistence


Persisting efforts and patience are what define startups. If you decide to work in any of the startups, you will realise the amount of consisting efforts that they put in each product or service they deliver. There is no substitute for hard work – Isn’t it?

Corporate might pay you well and give wings to your bank balance but working once in a while at startups keeps you grounded and value the joys.

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