How To Reduce Website Bounce Rate Effectively

Reduce website bounce rate

Reduce website bounce rate and make your visitors stay

Visitors came, saw what you have, and went away never to return. This is Website bounce rate.How to reduce Website Bounce Rate?. A visitor coming to your site and leaving without visiting anything more than the first page he visited is considered as bounced.

Higher bounce rate indicates that you aren’t able to engage your visitors well. Either your website is too terrible to comprehend, or you aren’t giving them the information they want. A higher percentage of Bounce Rate means a lower percentage of Conversion. So it’s vital that you get rid of what is lifting up your Bounce Rate.

Here are the most efficient techniques that would help your cause.

Design engaging web aesthetics

beautiful design helps reduce website bounce rate

Even before reading a single text on your website, what a visitor is impressed with is your visual design. Designers often paying extra attention to the functionality tend to neglect this important factor. That’s not a good idea.

So the first thing is to improve the visuals of your website. Organise your objects in distinct groups. This would be a lot better for your audience. Also never forget to design your website keeping in mind the psychology of colours. Get the cue from leading players in your niche.

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Improve your page speeds

fast loading page will reduce website bounce rate

One of the biggest reasons for high Bounce Rates can be the slow load speed of your website. Waiting for a website to load is the most irritating experience a visitor can have. He won’t even have it rather. He will just bounce away. Even a second of delay costs you a lot.

Opt for minimal designs and use CDNs. Analyse what makes your website slow and do whatever it takes to have a lightening fast speed. This would help reduce website bounce rate.

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Keep it relevant

relevent information will help reduce website bounce rate

Focusing on the perfect keywords can let you rank up in the search engines, but they don’t assure conversions. So along with those perfectly blended keywords, you also need to have content that calls engagement. Use the most informative content be it text, images, or videos.

Videos and visual storytelling are in. Use them to keep your visitors pinned. User engagement has a vital role in lessening the Bounce Rates.

Go with the right pattern of content

using right pattern of content will reduce website bounce rate

Websites visitors are scanners and not readers of content. A study says that people read texts in F shape. So yes, along with the quality of your content, their presentation is also important.

Your headlines and subheads are the deciders. Make sure to make them captivating and intriguing. The body text just flashes. The first few lines of your content must be very strong, though. Use whitespaces, images bullets, highlight links and make your content engaging and informative.

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Use infinite scrolls

The new scrolling techniques have made it easier for the visitors, and now scrolling is a lot better option than travelling a page and then to another. Innovative scrolling techniques like Parallax scrolling has made it interesting to go through some pages quickly. That’s how infinite scrolling finds its way. Grab them by their minds and your Bounce Rate isn’t going any high.


So these are the most effective ways to reduce website Bounce Rate of a particular website. The techniques if followed well would do wonders to your conversions.

Have any method that worked miraculously to reduce website bounce rate? Share with us.

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